Friday, April 24, 2009

Has it really sprung?

Unlike the last few years, our yard will not suffer
from the trauma of "Spring Soup" this thaw. A lot
of research and care have been paid to this problem
and solutions have been reached.

In the past, a lot of water shed and
long term problems have come from the yard
ice melting into the lawn causing scary, toxic soup
to form during the melt, enormous sink holes
forming after the melt, and divots to fill from all
the doggy "land mines" placed throughout the
winter season.

I did not make an ice rink this last
season. Although it was fun to make the last
few years, we are not waiting for that big
slab of ice to thaw and run into the neighbor's
garage - prodding me to siphon the liquid
around his place to the driveway via hose.

(the siphon)

(the driveway during drainage)

I don't even need the wife to
kick the last snowman's head in because he
melted already! I would like to say that I've
cleaned up the yard but the fact is I watched
the spring-loving Wife do it...
What month is it?! Maybe "The Goracle" was
right about all this warming trend business.
It seems the temperature IS rising at a steady,
alarming rate! In fact, the entire northern
hemisphere seems to be gaining temperature
unlike we have seen for months!

It was the strangest thing
The birds were taking wing
The snow is mostly melted now
And they begin to sing.

I guess it stands to reason -
The changing of a season
I will accept this warming trend
Regardless of the teasin'.

I see that ice on streams is thin,
I've witnessed geese and ducks fly in,
The earth is thawing as I write.
The fleeting winter's ice won't win.

It seems to be coming back around,
Growing grass and warming ground,
The garden will be planted soon
With summer's mighty heat and sound.

Spreading out some dormant seed,
For summer's growing call to heed,
The greenhouse calls for plants to grow
And, soon, we'll have to weed.

Just yesterday I heard birds sing
Of longer days and taking wing
Ice has melted near away
I think it must be spring.

john r mclay

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Anonymous said...

You have the nicest wife, to work while you look on! How's the back? Will you be able to help soon?

jd plumma said...

I'm back to work 1/2 days, now. will find out what the doc says mon. afternoon. maybe full days?...

Stan said...

Do you think that the storage area for water in your back yard which was greatly appreciated by ice skaters but still contained 60,136 gallons of water had anything to do with the "runoff" problems that you have had in the past? Perhaps, if you move that to your front yard, it will then just drain into the street. Granted, it will be a little more difficult to skate on the slopes of the lawn. Great poem, always enjoy your poetry. Is the "trunk monkey" going to work with you ~ he would have a good time in the back of your tool truck. You could even leave it unlocked and save some time on the job site without having to lock and unlock your storage unit. Good to hear the back is good enough to get you on the job site a few hours a day. Just don't push it.

FishTaxi said...

Rain is good. I like your driveway and your poem is plaguerized. kid you not. :)

Happy spring!

PS- I've seen hoses like that all over Wasilly

jd plumma said...

Big words saying that my poem is plagiarized and you must be more specific than just blurting out an accusation such as that. Definitely offensive. This was a personally written piece finished yesterday. I do not use a poet's work without crediting them for it and have been writing my own since before I was 10 with many published and awards, too.
Maybe you've been smoking too much of that "valley" hacky, wacky tobaccie?...

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