Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring soup trama - not our cup of tea

I've read (yes - actual words in writing) about the dangers of feeding your dogs cheap food (i.e. Attaboy, Safeway premium nuggets, etc.) due to nutritional value, fillers, the "crude" protein content, and artificial flavoring. We must also be aware of the acidity levels in their waste (leavings) damaging the lawn - leaving divits and holes where they were once laid. If you remember the chats about poop soup, our lawn had a "pond" of the claimed substance that was at least 20 feet across the widest point - and then, suddenly, disappeared into the earth within one afternoon. We are, now, questioning the food(s) processed by 3 canine units - 1 retriever/pyranese mix (drops LOGS), and 2 mini dachsunds (poop munchers - recycling what the log-dropper left) and how they seem to leave most of the "un-munchables" in the same spot for 6 months. We have recieved many letters - with pending lawsuits - from China requesting that we research other supply sources for canine nutrition.

It's 8:30 AM - do you know what your dogs are eating?

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Stan said...

I really appreciate your efforts in the tracking of "poop" deposits after a long winter. Now I question the inpact that our multiple use building will have on the environment in the area of the Indian Ocean, perhaps if we dredge our excrement despository at the Hole in the Wall campground at a 45 degree angle, we can target Iran! They are talking "shit", perhaps they would like a little in return. Thanks for the tip of the "dog food", I did not know that there was good and bad products, next time I see a moose browsing on my little trees and bushes, I will take into consideration the nutritional value of moose meat.

Stan said...

For all those who visit this posting, I cannot believe that I am the only one to commnent. This posting was a five star posting and I do nto care what anyone says, "That is funny". It is difficult to believe thatr you could pass this one up without making a comment!

Heidi said...

I am to busy monitoring the hole that is being eaten into my yard.

Heidi said...

It seems that i have to fight your "bird" to get into your comments for your most current post.... Stupid bird won today... I want to see what people wrote about you peom!!

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