I hate typing, so I just wrote the book in my head. I'm going to market it to mind readers.

Animal testing seems unnecessarily cruel. The animals get too nervous and never get the right answers.

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Damon said...

Glad to see that twisted brains is a family trait...

JD Plumma said...

In the blood is acceptable - an AQUIRED twisted brain is cause for worry.

Stan said...

Twisted brain is an understatement, strange, warped, weird, or confused would be more like it, but that is the artist in your inner being showing through. Most of those that have artistic abilities have stranger than normal brains but I think it is because they think with the wrong side of their brain. Sorry, I missed seeing you while in Anchorage, I really did look forward to it, but Memorial Day will be here soon enough then we can have some in depth intellectual conversations like "why are those rocks that surround the fire pit so hot? You will be happy to know that the wind blew hard enough the other night that my wagon finally came off the roof of my shop!

JD Plumma said...

We'll bring ours down this summer and have races in the street! It was my (our) old wagon when I was young. Might need some bearings. Is the Anchor Angler interested in sponsoring a racing team? Might find those bushings/bearings on line..?.

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