"Pigging in the maintenance of pipelines refers to the practice of using ...
'pigs' to perform various operations on a pipeline without stopping
the flow of the product in the pipeline."

It has come to my attention that
animals have been and are
still being used in inhumane ways
to clean, unclog, and

inspect the inside of pipelines in
the name of oil consumption.
This is one device used to send
them in or get them back out ---->
called a "launcher/Retriever"
that is, assuming they are in good enough shape
to have made it through the pipe
and take back out. Brutal - I know!
This all happens while the crude
I have no idea how that affects
the bacon or the ribs but believe it causes more
unnecessary stress to the ordinary
'Sus scrofa domesticus' than is due them
and probably affects their taste tremendously.
Ever eat an extremely tough or very oily pork roast?
As if it's not harsh enough to use animals
for testing chemicals and human products...

We must try and put a stop to this unmerciful, callous
treatment of animals!
it's time to


(donations to this effort will be readily accepted)

Monday, May 30, 2011

To some old pals i miss the most

I raise my glass and give a toast.
A sister, brother, long-lost friend,
you left something for me to boast.

You gave me more than you could take
and, for that, make no mistake.
You are a part of of who I am
and others left within your wake.

I found, with you, a part of me
who I always wished to be.

I miss you now and want you here.
Hardly possible, you see.

Sometimes I just think of you
when I'm at at a place we knew
together - I won't forget.
The places seeming not too few.

When I'm at that place, I know,
what you've given me I show...
I think of you
and feel the wind blow.

The sand from Hawaii is bad luck to TAKE.
Imagine how many reef walkers/water shoes
we wore while traversing beaches on an island.
One set gets left to dry in 'the pile', another set
forgotten after a new purchase, the 'last' beach...
I pulled insole after insole and dumped each
different set on papers and collected the worth.

BLACK ~ very few shell or
coral fragments

WHITE ~ very few rock fragments
mostly coral and shell

MAGIC ~ Gray look, has mix of lava,
shell, and coral and is called magic
because the currents take it away
and bring it back.

I regret not getting to walk in green or
powder white sand. we might have needed
another bag checked at the airport just for shoes.
There may be an art piece planned for these
colors of da island...
as soon as i'm sure the coast is clear.

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