"Pigging in the maintenance of pipelines refers to the practice of using ...
'pigs' to perform various operations on a pipeline without stopping
the flow of the product in the pipeline."

It has come to my attention that
animals have been and are
still being used in inhumane ways
to clean, unclog, and

inspect the inside of pipelines in
the name of oil consumption.
This is one device used to send
them in or get them back out ---->
called a "launcher/Retriever"
that is, assuming they are in good enough shape
to have made it through the pipe
and take back out. Brutal - I know!
This all happens while the crude
I have no idea how that affects
the bacon or the ribs but believe it causes more
unnecessary stress to the ordinary
'Sus scrofa domesticus' than is due them
and probably affects their taste tremendously.
Ever eat an extremely tough or very oily pork roast?
As if it's not harsh enough to use animals
for testing chemicals and human products...

We must try and put a stop to this unmerciful, callous
treatment of animals!
it's time to


(donations to this effort will be readily accepted)

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Stan Harrington said...

So sad to see a animal abused in anyway, but to see a "pig" used to clean a pipeline is the cruelest use of a very fine slab of bacon. Pigs are great animals, I have always wanted one, just to have something to kick once in awhile. You can't hurt them, on any given summer in late fqall and summer you see "pigskins" kicked all over the field. If you want to start some type of petition, please count me in and any other effort that I can assist in in preserving the pig.

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