Monday, May 30, 2011

To some old pals i miss the most

I raise my glass and give a toast.
A sister, brother, long-lost friend,
you left something for me to boast.

You gave me more than you could take
and, for that, make no mistake.
You are a part of of who I am
and others left within your wake.

I found, with you, a part of me
who I always wished to be.

I miss you now and want you here.
Hardly possible, you see.

Sometimes I just think of you
when I'm at at a place we knew
together - I won't forget.
The places seeming not too few.

When I'm at that place, I know,
what you've given me I show...
I think of you
and feel the wind blow.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Mom

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