Sunday, April 23, 2006


I have a wish for our cold - heart friend
a wish that's coming true.
But, wish and wait - as of late
is all that I must do.
It's seems to take forever
to watch the wish wear thin
I just don't have it in my heart
to kick his poor head in.


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Stan said...

"Homer" had a snowwman like that in his yard, except his nose was a bottle of beer, his arms were bottles of beer, his eyes were bottles of beer, his ears were bottles of beer - he had his own "cooler" all winter - the gerat thing about it is that he had a lawn chair sitting right next to it so he did not even have to get up to extract a "fresh beer", but he still complained as the t.v. set was to far away, he couldn't see it and his remote control did not work!

K said...

Ha, that's way funny.

Marty said...

Poor little snowman, he's fighting for his life.

Shana said...

Eat the carrot before it goes bad...and make margaritas out of the rest...then his pore little life will be worth it!!!

JD Plumma said...

I'm too slush-hearted. The Wife, however, would take a shovel and brain him.

Shana said...

better him then you!!

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