Saturday, April 25, 2009

Serious accusation

In comment, I was accused of plagiarizing the
poem in the last post. Anyone who really knows
me would attest to the fact that poetry has always
been a part of who I am. My art is not limited to
pictures, alone, and I will continue to write poems
on occasion. At this point, my original works could
fill a book themselves but I expect fame for the
name long after death - as many artists.
Frankly, I would rather be censored.

Don't Copy Me

"You copied others' work," was said
by one who is accusing.
I simply write and post these rhymes
only for your musing.
It's rare I browse o'er many poems
because there is so many.
But I can't sit back and be accused
by one who hasn't written any.
Some of my poems can be found
out on the internet.
I've written many others which
have not been published yet.
If you have proof of copied verse
upon my personal page,
Let fact be shown of plagiarism
or enjoy and act your age.
You don't have to like my stuff
or read my every word,
But calling me a plagiarist is
really quite absurd.

john r mclay

In light of this, I will be adding a new section to
my "grande index" titled "My Poetry" in which
many of my poems and written works will be
listed - published, or not.

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Do not blame you a bit for taking offense at the comment that was posted. Not even taking into consideration your personal integrity, anyone that has visited your site and read your poetry should be aware of your distinct style of writing. Keep writing your words of prose and posting them because we know they come from the heart and within them a message is written, for those taking the time to read and understand the message.

Stan said...

Been having torrential rain since very early this morning, but cheer up it is moving right on up the inlet to your yard ~ should see it within the next couple of hours. More is moving up from Kodiak / Bristol Bay. HITW is on full flood watch, potential for mud slides exist but the chances of snow slides is very limited.

FishTaxi said...

Seriously, I did not mean that you were, it was a joke that went wrong and I sincerely apologise. I think you are a great poem writer and take back my post. I meant to add I was kidding, not kid you not.

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