Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jogging my memory,

I remember taking this pic. in November
during our first melt down of the winter
season. D had made these snowballs, before
the flash thaw, while the ice rink was in it's
primary beginning stage(s). Except for the
small "berm" around the intention of ice,
they were the only cold survivors of this
pretty white stuff in the yard until later.

The ice rink project faired well after Christmas,
was in good skating condition by the first week in Feb.
and was over twice the size we (I) built last year.
A lot of fun was had by ours and the company kept
for a good length of time (when time was free).
Of course, time has passed quickly this winter and
I have come to the conclusion that Al may be
right - at least part of the time (7 months, or so). It
(GW) seems to overwhelm the ice and snow, too.
Snowmen are dieing and look at what it has done to D's balls!! :

I mean, COME ON! Leave us this one piece, will ya?!
It has been near 50*, today - 48* right now.
I sure hope the Eagles have remembered to cover the
HITW Glacier for it's upcoming observers.
If not, it may already be too late....

I have a wish for our cold - heart friend
a wish that's coming true.
But, wish and wait - as of late
is all that I must do.
It's seems to take forever
to watch the wish wear thin
I just don't have it in my heart
to kick his poor head in.


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Stan said...

Wow, you already have green grass, you are going to have to mow before Frosty disappears. Although, I did not skate on the rink this year, I did enjoy walking it in the middle of the night while giving the dogs a break. Perhaps next year, I will bring skates and teach the girls how to do a triple axle! Beautiful day here, in the fifties this eveing, driveway is almost bare of snow but the lawn is still encruisted, we cqan now see the bench in the rock garden, but just the back rest, the seat is still covered. Still a little early to plant posies but my apple tree has buddded out and has blossoms appearing as of today.

Stan said...

Good morning Plumma, got the coffee pot on?

Anna said...

spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring spring....oh that was a couple posts back.

Stan said...

Are we trying the same concept that your wife and my daughter has mastered, "one posting, comment all you want cause I am not going to post again until my comment log is full" she is up to 28 now, I guess it will be sometime in May before you get that far at this rate.

j, d plumma said...

Leave us not forget the Bull Buffalo's site is second, so far, in comment section filler:

Sure, jealousy, but I blog on....

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