Saturday, April 05, 2008

April showers?

Spring (there - I said it!) has sprung!
The only issue is the cold front that is freezing the
shower into snow before it hits the neighborhood.
A lot of our snow and ice has receded in the last week
due to evaporation, alone. As the "melting of the great
" this spring has been on my mind, the crawlspace
is dry because the ground isn't getting much of the
melt. In the last set of comments on this site, a
certain someone was taunting of spring -
repetitiously "singing" for it (you know who
you are). As I have said in the past, "Do not
test this as it is not even May. Only then
will I count on global warming for the year."
This clip - taken in the last hour - is a
sign, maybe, that too much talk before hand
can spoil a good show. You know the snow's
days are numbered, but our Alaskan climate
has a way of surprising us, no?

I'm glad D has cleared most of the yard this week
(hard working human - that girl)
because it might be a few weeks 'til we see it again.
Those of you that dare utter the "S" word should
look out the window, now, and view nature in all
it's splendor. This does not burden me, nor does
it excite me, because what will be, will be.
I kinda think it's prettier than the "soup trauma"
we are doomed to face when spring is actually
upon us. I would spend more time on this
subject, but my snowboard needs waxed...

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Stan said...

Yep, looks like you got hit with the same heavy spring snow that we did,almost 1/8 of an inch. At first, I thought it was a frost but then when I walked out onto the lawn, I sank into the winter snow up to my knee so it did not even freeze last night. Much better turn out than what the weather guy told us, 2 to 5 inches! It is spring, I tell you -spring! The alternative is unacceptable! Got the word from an undisclosed, relieable source that the flocks of geese and cranes are launching from the farmers spring wheat fields, making a low 360 degree turn over the milking sheds to get the formation organized and then turning north. Spring, I tell you! From another source, I got a telephone call while he was sitting at a college baseball game, in the evening in his tea shirt and sipping suds, score was 5 - 1 in the bottom of the 7th., Spring I tell you! Had another call from a source that was gong out to check out the irrigation ditches and pick some feresh asphargus, Spring I tell you! A little open water along the banks of the Anchor River, Spring I tell you. The road into the HITW is down,(was down) to bare gravel, Spring I tell you plus plowing it out in the winter helped. The sand hill is actually showing sand and not that white stuff, Spring I tell you! Sitting on the back stoop, taking my morning coffee yesterday and considered going down and putting up the flag at HITW, Spring I tell you! I could give more examples, but I need to go out and shovel the snow off the deck. FOX NEWS ALERT: As I write, national Fox News just showed video of Zoro, Lance Mackey's dog, he is up, walking around and wagging his tail but he has run his last race, he will retire. Good News. Spring I tell you!

Stan said...

You are right about Devyn being a good worker, looking forward to getting into the dirt withher this spring and planting some SPRING and SUMMER posies. First, we have to haul in some landscaping items and a high priority of developing some type of an attractive as well as effective fencing, just a rough count we can expect at least 13 dogs also camping for the long weekend. Perhaps, the next thing we build is a kennel!

j, d plumma said...

what are we going to fence? the pit?

it's still snowing here. will report final drop after the storm passes. This has got to be the worst blizzard of the month so far!

Anna said...


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