Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Although it's been warm,

Other winters have been warmer and had less
snow. In 1936, Dutch Harbor recorded a high
temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit. In 1971
(March also), Kobuk recorded a temperature
of -68 degrees. Quite a difference in 35 years.
It would be something to talk about if the 1976
record - in Annette - of 82 degrees in April is
broken this year. I would not consider this a
result of "global warming" as, just 30 years
ago, it was just an "unusual" spring. This day
in Annette
it is 41 degrees with an expected
high around 43. This sounds more like a
cooling trend, doesn't it? We lost almost 40
degrees in 32 years! What seems to be
happening?! I hope the garden has time to
grow through summer before we get hit
with the next ice age! I'd like to have some
potatoes in the cellar for a long cold winter.
I feel fortunate to live in Alaska although
no city in this state was listed in the top
"cleanest" cities in the nation. This is
usually proven each spring as the snow
melts into soup in the yard - exposing all
of the broken and lost toys, abandoned cars,
and my shovels from winter fun. At the
rate of melt-down so far, we should have a
mild run-off (aside from the rink).

Here is a premonition of the neighborhood
below us about May 1st :

....i might expect some phone calls....

In other news, since the Tesla coil was shut off,
the temperature hasn't been above freezing all day!
"Sorry" to early spring dreamers, and "you're welcome"
to those of us who own snowboards, skates, and a
mind to think that it's just another cycle...

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Stan said...

Your analysis of "global chilling" vs "global warming" has merit, since both yourself and B. Wolf are accomplished photographers and video producers, I would suggest that you utilize the three younger pups and develop a movie pertaining to you analysis, not only with lots of photos of the drastic changes of climate change but also the change in personality traits between the inhabitants of a cold climate and those of the warm climate. The documentary should also be filled in with as many charts as you can draw, don't worry about attempting to draw a concrete conclusion to the data as in all charts, they are open to interpetation by the viewer and decisons can be made with even the most bogus data. The last guy that I know produced such a documentary, not only made some big bucks but also won the Nobel Peace Prize. May also want to consider contacting the Dept. of Fish and Game, it appears the stream that is developed from your spring thaw may be eligible for a salmon stocking program under the Dingle-Johnson Funding. You will have to allow public access to your property, but with the grant funds, you would have enough to buy a new house with a built in, year around rink. Just a couple of thoughts to ponder.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Stan said...

Are you and Jason buds? Sounds like a nice guy, what were doing on your site that Jason made $900.00, maybe he is selling your art work! Might also want to thank him for building up your counter.

j, d plumma said...

persistent cuss, ain't he!?
sounds like jason has a hook on what could make you a whole 'nuther retirement!
good idea(s) on production. you will be mentioned in the credits.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Stan said...

Jason is persisten, isn't he? Good freiendsa are hard to find.

I am...ARMY STRONG said...

I say buy a surfboard or body board, and when the ice rink, I mean Lake Mclay breaks the Mclay Damn, surf it to the end of the colsac. That would be a cool video to post. I'd also like to see that, I might even participate. Dare You John boy.

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