Sunday, March 09, 2008

Time traveling on the clock

As far as quantum thoughts go, Einstein didn't understand
how simple time travel really is. We just went forward
in time one hour and will travel back in time later this
year. It didn't involve big fancy machines or magnets
like Tesla's "Egg of Columbus" or specially trapped
"muons" - and nobody ended up as part of a ship's
Others have suggested that if time
travel into the past is possible then there will
be time tourists around from the future visiting
us in their past. No one has been known to have
met such tourists.

In other news, the melt-down we are experiencing
may have something to do with my forgetting to
turn off the Tesla coil in the yard a couple of weeks ago,
My apologies. As it was just turned off, a few days
should bring the weather back around. I just REFUSE
to travel in time again until a later date - it happens
to be exhausting.

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Shana said...

hope you have that canoe may need it to retrieve your wienies when that ice rink finishes thawing....but then you do have Barley...he could save them.

Stan said...

I must admit, I did sneak back to bed for a nap since it was still to dark to do anything outside, so much dor DLS time. Just settled in and the phone rang, three times. At 5:15 a.m. it is hard to ignore, just my dip stick brother calling from Colroado to see if I was awake. He will get his!

j, d plumma said...

SEE!? The "na-...naa-...." (it still doesn't fit into my vocabulary) was probably due to time travel exhaustion.
Maybe the sun forgot to spring forward.

its only me said...

So Uncle John when are you going to fix my blog, since my mean aunt Heidi won't do it...

j, d plumma said...

I can't even view your profile because your settings prevent public viewing.
Links are easy to write into the template. Need to get access, first.
Look through your settings and find the public view :

Sign in / settings / permissions /
"Who can view this blog".

j, d plumma said...

Check "anybody".
Will help you with links later.

Stan said...

When are you going to shut the watr off, it has been running for over 24 hours! If we run out of water his summer, your fault!

its only me said...

It is open to anybody...My blog was just locked because I got flag as a spam blog somehow...I couldn't even view my blog

j, d plumma said...

Your blog, "I got what you want" was flagged? It DOES sound promiscuous. Try making a new blog - basic style (original layout). Templates can be found a lot of places, but try a blogger template. Blogger also has a layout section to add "elements" (links, etc.).
Think about the name sound.

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