Saturday, March 08, 2008

Melt-down spurs violent acts

As our beautiful snow covered yards turn
to slush, run into the street and evaporate
into thin air, attitudes are short with patience.
Most of the snowmen in the neighborhood
realize their destiny earlier than expected.
They have had enough and some have turned
to a life of murder - killing others to rebuild
themselves. If the temp would drop, again,
we would not only see a nice ice rink to skate
on, but would put an end to this "cold murder"
killing spree.

Pending law suits against Gore and his little haarp
have been filed.

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Stan said...

Would have posted sooner but it seems that had a few problems earlier. What a vicious crime and I do hope mother nature takes care of this matter, how can any respectable snowman attacked another and ripped their heart right out of their chest. I hope he / she gets the full extent of the law and punished with a melt down. Such cruelity should not be condoned, it is not acceptable.

Shana said...

Even the snow men have gone bad!!


weee heee...spring is here!!! I love slush puddles...hehe...specially when your driving down Pioneer in Homer...Wild Berry puddle on the road!

Stan said...

You are almost right, except that road has disappeared! 4/4 required to make the transit from Wildberry to intersection of East road. Oh, by the way, don't try to get around it by going on Lake Street, 4x4 required with chains and a second 4x4 to pull you through. Streets are trerrible, suggest boycott until all roads are repaired and at the same time save 6% sales tax.

j, d plumma said...

Hold the horses out of the water - we will freeze again any night now, and stay that way 'til May. Gore and our hybrids will have their gloat but for a short time. The reasoning of us will watch and wait to see what is really happening.

Stan said...

I am shocked, been to most of the sites, can't find a cup of coffee brewing anywhere. I really expected that at least you would be up andd around. I guess no one got the message that clocks were suppose to be set ahead this morning at 2:00 am. I set my alarm for 2:00 have all the clocks (hate digital clocks) reset and turned on the two computer systems just to make sure they set automatically. Good job Microsoft! Well I guess, I fix my own damm coffee.

Stan said...

Do you relaizxe the because of daylight saving time, my last two postings were exactly 12 hours and 9 minutes apart. At three in the morning, you find most things intersting if not amusing. By the way, Mackey is taking a nap as is King, about 25 miles separate them. I wonder if they set their clocks forward?

Stan said...

Darn! You are still asleep, I have had my morning coffee, watched the daily news, check the Iditiord races, did a blog, talked to Dutch for a half hour, really been a very productive morning - it is still no lighter outside but thwe wind is still howling. Well, I guess I will go onto my next project. don't forgetto set your clocks forward,I am really resisiting calling all of you to remind you!

j, d plumma said...

I don't think the mushers give a c#@p what time it is - let alone what day. Me? I care. In fact, I got up an hour early today just to blog for you. I just wish you would have called when you went forward in time so I could have seen the future before 8 !

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