Thursday, March 06, 2008


A flying "spy" camera.'re welcome

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Shana said...

That video made me sad...the earth is not replaceable...and anyone who thinks those bombs are NOT affecting our globe...are crazy...this planet is made of tectonic plates that over lap...and impact from those bombs could set off a natural disaster...or would it then be referred to as a "man made natural disaster"?

and they are blaming global warming on my car!!!

Stan said...

Wow, you are known for blowing things up, yu have rally outdone yourself this time. Still studying the first picture, not many clues to work with. Lady Buff, most of footage on these atomic bombs were shop at the Bikinni Tolls in the 1950's. Although, a few tests have been above ground,most of the testing has been underground. I agree. these big bombs are a little scary, however, they are a great deterrent. What you see in this clip is the reason that we cannot allow a rogue nation such as Iran to have the capability of having these weapons. but even a small one in suitcase inthe hands of a terriorist can raise alot of havoc. However, we have only used two of these bombs in our history agianst an enemy, the were very low yiled compared to what we have today. But, by using them, we ended a war that could have continued for several years with an additonal loss of thounsands of U.S.military lives and ended the war abrutly. A big decison was made inthe Oval office the day that order was issued.

Stan said...

Well, I will de dammed! A robotic fly, what will they think of next, should work well in the caves and hideouts of Afganistan and Iraq, I am sure they would blend in well with all other flies that are attracted by camel and goat dung.

j, d plumma said...

they can take movies of the poop munchers with their little bitty cameras, too.
Too many countries have this kind (at least) of weaponry and I don't want to be around when the first button is pushed. dominoes...unless we have enough anti-spacecraft missiles to just litter the sky.

New Ice Age! Taah-dahh!

Stan said...

As of 1848, Mackey is back on the trail (Yukon River)his last mandantyory lay over has been completed, running 14 dogs and the only other musher onthe river is Keff King, just 23 miles to the rear of Mackey, or just a little over 3 hours behind.

Shana said...

Someday when we blow the earth up...then what will the military fight? More importantly where will all the people they are protecting be?? DEAD...DEAD as the giant burning globe in the sky...just before it incinerates...what a waste of money!

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