Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've always had worries

...about what I would say if I caught
any kid of mine smoking moss
in the woods.

I mean, would she turn out like one of those
PITA girls - making a big scene somewhere -
or end up hangin' out with a bunch of stump-
smokin', pig-huggin' hippies that live in a
swamp and have no morals or chocolate
syrup for their morning mochas ?!!

distant thought

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Stan said...

If it is differnce of being a PETA girl and inhaling a litle moss, let her enjoyher time in the swamp, eventuallyshe will want to get out of the swamp and go back to her cell phone, Ipod, and computer.

I am...ARMY STRONG said...

The great skunk is right...she wont manage for long in the swamp. Kids need their comps, ipods, and cells. And she's scared of moose. LOL

j, d plumma said...

...I just don't want her to move to Anchor Point...

Stan said...

She is moving to A.P. and Homer this summer or didn't you know?

Shana said...

did john say mocha??? I like johns mocha's!! with the cute swirly thing on top...mmmmm....

Stan said...

He never makes me mocha's when I visit his den. He does not even make me coffee when he gets up and wakes me up banging around in the kitchen making "his" mocha's

j, d plumma said...

If you would just get up, a mocha would be prepared for you, too. Of course, I have something to do before 7 AM - construction, and all - and your stores don't open 'til 9. I would be happy to make you a mocha at 5, like me, provided you get some chores done before everyone else gets up!
Better yet, come see me around 3:30 pm for the secondary mocha run - unless it interferes with nap time.

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