Sunday, April 06, 2008

I will call it "SPRUNG" !

Spring has done so many things
to help with attitude.
It's not really so polite,
but it's not being rude.

Our earth is changing as it does
'bout this time each year.
We simply get whatever
it dishes out, I fear.

If it chooses to drop snow
and cover up the yard,
we have to let it blanket us -
to stop it would be hard.

The trees have got a cover, now.
The streets are white again.
Although it is piling up,
more time will make it thin.

I only have one fear for this
as warming hits our globe -
Will winter go away this year,
or keep us in white robe?

The global figures do not lie
as most would dare to say.
I hope they're right for garden's sake
and snow just melts away.

I have thoughts and little plans
for a green yard this year.
My plans I'll follow through with
if the ice age isn't here.

Winter has been here for months
and summers come and go.
Even if it stays this year,
It's really pretty snow.

I will take it as it comes
and heed not to people's cry.
I think it would be surely grand
to snowboard in July!


ps : it's still snowing....and thanks to those who have teased nature with the "S" word.

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Shana said...

I like is clean and pretty.

Stan said...

Good poetry, don't know how you do that. I guess my problem is my limited vocabulary! You guys really did get some snow, our little frosting was gone by noon, driveways now clear, sunny sky, river is trying to break open, birds chirping, squirels are out and about ~ spring has come to the valley - to bad you live in the foot hills of LA

Heidi said...

The snow HAS stopped at this time - sun is out, driveway is clear (snow blower), and water is trickling from the roof. My neighbor - to let those who utter the "S" word off - put lawn chairs on her deck in the sun two days ago.

Heidi said...

The wifeal unit has posted comments as me several times when I left myself signed in and I would hate to waste this opportunity to wreak havoc in blogland!

Heidi said...

That is why I run my comments up -
not vanity, alone.
It all will trace back to my wife
and I am left the bone.

Stan said...

Are we having an identity crisis, I have no concept of who is commenting in your family. Good to hear the girls voices on the video clip you posted today.

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