Sunday, April 06, 2008

Good show!

Although we got more snow than most desire in April,
it seems as if the yard equipment had fun with it
for the day. We are at a steady rate of melt
at this point - with only a few days
expected to have forgotten it.
Oh, wait. Is that more dark clouds over
the foothills of our bowl of LA? Stay tuned
for the sequel....

ALL the critters are talking about it.

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Stan said...

Seeng your plea for weather data, I checked it out for you. Sometimes you can tell the weather by the reading the signs, i.e., cloudy may mean snow but perhaps rain. The most reliable sign is reading the Doppler. As for tonight, you can expect temps below freezing and cloudy but only scattered snow showers and that is not likely to occur. Doppler is relatively clear throughout the three regions that impact our areas. Oil up the snow blower and put her away for the season, you are done with it until at least September when you start cleaning up the fallen leaves on your lawn.

Stan said...

Jumped to the comment section before I realized the picture was actually a video. A "singing" rodent, but it brought a giggle to my granddaughter so that is all right, it seems that several members of the family came into contact with critters making noise today. A cute posting from Nebraska, some kind of critter lured them all into their domain. Old Indian folk lore tells us that when animals begin making sounds, it is a sound that a change of seasons is occurring. That is why the cranes and geese are always "honking" as they fly their route, I bet you were thinking those at the end of the formations wre doing all the honking to let the leaders know they are going to pass.

j, d plumma said...

That mouse wouldn't be still or quiet, yesterday. The critters know - don't they.

Stan said...

Did you have to call inthe boys from the Department of Transportation to "blow down that snow slide"?

j, d plumma said...

The sluff of the slide happened while we weren't looking. That made K and me jealous that the equipment could slide without us. Snowmen were hard to make due to "unsticky" snow at 28 degrees. Maybe today is stickier for the last snow-dude of the year (we should hope the last).
The sun is shining down hard and warm, today. The driven-on snow on our street has been liquefied and ran away.

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