The last of the steam clears as
the hopeful, final skim uses the
evaporative process of cooling
to form a perfect, glass-like
foot-blade surface.
It's good to have an
open day to fart off
sometimes - oh! did
I mention that I've
been spending my
evenings at a psych
hospital? They don't
control me! I mostly
wander the halls all night. I haven't
been to bed, which may explain why
the voices are still there. YOU (as well
as i) have better things to do than blog.
Like wait for the kids to get home and
yell, "SKATE!" Only problem, it seems,
just might pin down a good, old-fashioned, snore-time.
Then, the voices can go away...........right?!

ssshhh! i know, but they're not listening to you!

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Stan said...

Enjoy your nap, you dedication and effort ont he rink shows, a great looking project, now if mother nature will just cooperate and allow you time to fully utilize it. Weather forecast for the next week indicates that you have a good shot. I have one concvern, while working nights at the hospital project, do you have a name tag so the orderlies don't mistake you for a patient and put you in a stright jacket for waundering the hallways. Perhaps a tag that says, "I Am The Plumma, I Work Here, I Am Not A Patient, Verification Of My Status Is Available By Calling My Mother Ship On FM Frequency 150.6" I want you to be safe.

Shana said...


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