Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rink ready "fur" rendevous?

After much effort and loss of liquid,
the ice rink in our yard is near smooth.
With about 14" of depth at the lowest point
and 7" at it's shallowest, the slab of ice would
be hard to calculate volume therein.
An estimated average thickness of 10", length
of 38', and width of 20' would calculate to
627 cubic feet!
(about 23 cubic yards)
In liquid sense, would be
4690.285 gallons (US Liquid) !
(That doesn't include
what "got away")

Comparing concrete, a
large truck with 12 yd
capacity would make
two trips to fill the slab
and, would weigh in at
close to 30 tons!

With a few "rough spots" to tame, it should
be skate-able by this weekend.
I can't wait to see it thaw.

Now, back to the news:

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Stan said...

Plumma, you have out did yourself, a great looking and much larger rink, when do you rig the lights and move the fire pit out to the pool. No doubt, this is a perfect year for a skating rink. By the time we get up to visit, hope to see some good figure skating, it is fine withthe yung ladies wear shorts skirts over thier leatards, buty I do not wnat to see you in the same outfit!

j, d plumma said...

AAWWW! And I WAS going to put on my BEST for you, Prattler!
The rink is turning out great - after just over 2 months since it's beginning. It's hard to make the ground hold all that liquid after it finds a crack to escape - even at zero degrees. I might have to get better plastic for a membrane next year.

Stan said...

I like the concept of the lofted chair for the judge to sit, gives them a much better vantage point than sitting at the edge of the rink. Should promote a much clearer view of the competition and insuring that the skate blades are cutting correctly and any wobble in the jumps of the competitors. Is the big round stage on the other end of the rink for the news media cameras? Really glad to see that the area for spectators has a fenced in area, it was a problem in the past with spectators getting on the ice during the competition. Perhaps, if you could borrow the neighbors deck, that would be a great place for VIP seating and the snack bar.

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