Sunday, November 18, 2007

The ice rink helped the lawn so much...

I decided to make a much larger model this year. I pulled out ALL the
reinforced plastic I scavenged last year and covered three times
the area. I remember running the hose a long time last year -
to "saturate the ground" and what-not, but I don't remember
6 hours worth of wide-open 3/4" garden hose (flowing to select
areas). The water seemed to be drank up by the ground below and
build-up has been minimal in the first stages of construction. Granted,
I started after Thanksgiving, last year, and the temperature had dropped
significantly. The 30 degree temp today should help give me a good "base"
to complete filling in the rink - one stage at a time. I just can't help wondering
where all the water from 6 hours(360 minutes) of open hose has gone besides
the lawn? That should be over 8,000 gallons if the calculations are correct.
Then, I see THIS on the 6 PM news:

Imagine! A flood in November!!
In Anchorage, Alaska!! How novel! I guess global warming IS playing
a factor in our community as well...

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Stan said...

Plumma, after viewing the picture at the end of your post, I think I know where your watr went! If that isjnot your water that created the flood, I am sure you will find it come spring when your lawn sinks out of sight!

Stan said...

You must be having much better weather than we are, your leaves have not even started to change colors yet - must be global warming and all those street lights in LA - has the trees confused. I did fail to mentionit, but on our return trip to AP following our trip, although signs of winter was setting in, there were still Swans on the smaller ponds alongside Turnagain Arm and four of them on Summitt Lake! Why arn't the Swans going south?

Stan said...

Just checked my doppler, you may want to cover your project in order to insulate any ice you have, it is going to get real ugly for a couple of days. Rain / snow - doppler will not tell me but you can expect a lot of it (as we ccan as well)I would expect it to be rain intheis area due to the high temps are are forecasted - 11/19 Time 2051

JD Plumma said...

Rain in Likely, as well - temp up to 38 degrees expected. The snow has just helped my efforts as it thickens the brine for freezing.

JD Plumma said...

in LA, that is.

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