Sunday, April 08, 2007

Remember the ice rink?

The rink has been fun for the winter, but has been rather wet the last 2 weeks. The temperature has been warm in the day and barely freezing at night.

At this point - seeing we have a few weeks 'til thaw - we've discussed installing a high dive and roping off the deep end for the younger, less experienced swimmers. We'll have good fun with BBQ's & swims as long as we keep the fire pit upright and out of the pool (it makes the steak taste like chlorine).

It appears we might not get our "little ice age" this season - maybe next...
..maybe I've been wrong about global warming after all...

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Stan said...

Hey, don't go south on me pertaining to our stance on Global Warming, what we are seeing is just a trend. Appears that your yard wintered well, includng your canoe. Will it fit inside your new van or will you have to get a trailer or car top to haul it around this summer. Perhaps, "
Stanley" would like to take a little walk and have a real swim. Guess it wojn't be long before the sink hole starts appearing.

JD Plumma said...

Yes - the "sink hole" is eminent. As far as the "ice age", eminence may be a century away. By then, Stanley should be around 150 lbs and put that rock fish to shame. At 150, he could EAT the rock fish as long as he learns to tolerate salt water.

Kiana said...

If you did a channel now, all that water could disperse in your neighbors yard! I bet they wouldn't mind one bit.

JD Plumma said...

good call on the irrigation canal. Already working on it.

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