Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ice age eminent!

The explosion of Mt. Tambora in 1815 led to the year 1816 being called "the year without a summer" across much of Europe. The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 provided a good example of how a large low-latitude eruption can quickly influence global climate. In nine days the sulfur dioxide plume had spread into both hemispheres and around half the planet.
The result was an estimated 1oC global cooling that lasted two years. It is unlikely that a single eruption can cause long-term cooling over hundreds of years such as during the LIA. Robock (1979) has shown that there was an increase in the frequency of large eruptions during the LIA that corresponds quite well with the coolest years during this time period.

how many mountains are smoking/steaming at the present time in Alaska?
maybe Voyager space craft will find us a new ball to live on before we crash into the new ice age...

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Stan said...

Your basic concept is logical, however, as of today, this very day a group of sceintists agreed that we could reverse the treat of Global Warming if a series of man made volcanos were constructed and then allowed to have a controlled eruption it would warm up the atmospehre enough to burn off the carbon elements that are supposedly doing the damamge and creating global warming. My personal concept, is why go to the bother of spending billions in the construction of phony volcanoes and years of construction when we have an arsenal of Nuclear Weapons idling sitting around. Drop several of these babies on top of Iran and we cure two problems at one time! I am not picking on Iran, even though it deserves it but I measured it out on my GPS and it just happens to be located on center of surface of the earth - an ideal target site to reverse Global Warming and provide a "cooling down trend". Perfect solution, the Nuc's are already paid for, they are on station, just a touch of the button and within a few minutes - problem cured and we can get onto better things to discusss, like the effect of ecoli in peanut butter.

JD Plumma said...

Sounds like you have a good idea, as well - however - imagine our synthetic volcanoes pluming ash into the atmosphere (or, nuke the sand out of Iraq there)to cool down our climate just a "touch"...then we have a multiple, natural eruption sequence from volcanoes across the world, and - BAM! 20,000 years from now, someone will wonder how we all died in the streets in huddled masses - clutching each other - in total amazement of how ash petrifies things perfectly (and they're working on a solution to global warming)...

Tormen Tagain said...

I say we take our rising sea level and pump it into the sky somehow in the form of steam. Create a huge cloud, to such an extent as to limit the suns heat. It can be turned on, to varying degrees of intensity, or off at our will. Volcanoes can be used in conjunction not unlike the relationship between uppers and downers if using one to control the effect of the other. Maybe one cloud generator can be located in the pacific ocean somewhere that might be moved on some great monorail running 5000 miles north and south for variations of location as needed. 2 more, 1 at each pole. We could keep the polar ones cranking out the cloud to shield the sun and help the glaciers and Icefields advance as we see fit.That way when we have a real big rain produced by our incredible scientific achievement it'll all run back into the seas as acid. We'll all adapt well enough though with the extra eye that will have evolved to help us in our defense from ourselves.

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