Global warming has been a subject in the media for decades, now. There has been factual evidence supporting this warming trend, and a computer generated century-long outcome couldn't be wrong - could it? Our computers don't lie. They just use information given them (by humans), process info as they have been programmed (again, by humans), and ESTIMATE an outcome for 100 years in the future (estimate ADJUSTED by humans). Do we need a change? In our research and fact-finding techniques, I mean. If all of us (humans) would/could respect our natural earth and it's inhabitants (maybe apologize once in a while), one would assume that forgiveness would still have to be from a greater source (i.e.; the MAN, G., His Mightiness, The Creator, Him, etc.).

Area 51 has been spoken of for decades, but little proof of aliens has risen from the fire. Alien Gore is thought to be the only "proof" of their existence, but many still speak of this area of "BOO". There are more important matters to attend to.We rarely (or, never) hear of "experts" estimated 10,000 year ice-age cycle - or that we're due for one.
"We have a record going back 2,000 years and when you plot it out, you can see the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and the Little Ice Age (LIA)," Thompson said. During the MWP, 700 to 1000 years ago, the climate warmed in some parts of the world. The MWP was followed by the LIA, a sudden onset of colder temperatures marked by advancing glaciers in Europe and North America." Lonnie Thompson, professor of geological sciences at Ohio State.
I could imagine high carbon dioxide levels from our emissions causing "over-growth" of vegetation. Should we worry that plant life will go berserk - causing an over-oxygenated effect - and make new, global problems? Maybe, then, we freeze!
I wouldn't mind another 76 degree Memorial Day weekend in HITWRA!

Enjoy the heat wave while you can, but by NO MEANS throw out the parkas and mukluks! We may need them come June.

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Stan said...

Good article and glad to see your support for GWBS (Global Warming B.S.) The professor that you quoted made a valid point with a good follow up from you, perhaps the vegetation expelling wasted gases into the atmosphere is the problem and not our cars and hair spray. One thousnad years ago, we did not have vast crop lands into vegetation. No one raised a garden back then because there was no way to fence out the dinosaurs. In the last 200 years, we have see thousands of acres converted into golf courses, all vegetation explotiong there toxic gases into the amosphere. Our winter was very cold in Anchor Point this year - is in coinscidence that we just had a new gold course developed this past summer. Every town in the USA has a beautification program, everyone plants way to many flowers, these things of beauty are expelling their toxic fumes. Fifty years ago we did not have expansive football and baseball fields, now every major city has these vast pastures of grass feeding the atmosphere, even the artificial turf arenas expell man made gasses into the atmosphere. 40 Years ago, there was one or two lawns in Homer because "lawns" won't grow in Alaska - now every home has a large lawn - yea, I think it is the vegetation that is causing the problem and Alian Gore (I love that name)has been smoking to much of it! By his appearance, he should also cut down on the "laced brownies".

Stan said...

Wow, we are seeing the effects of Global Warming, your weather guage indicates that LA is under a "Sun Warning" with temperatures readings in the 25 degree range - I am so envious!

Stan said...

Good evening Heidi!

Heidi said...

I can't not believe a Judge made that guy apologize to a darn BIRD!

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