K is such a goof!

So it's time for school spring pictures again! I thought you would like a preview of the upcoming picture of our monsters (how the school photog sees them).

D and her winning smile
T and her cool, hip ways

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Heidi said...

I thought we decided NOT to let our parents know about Taylors new look, in hopes she will out gown this stage before we see them again.

Stan said...

There is no doubt that these children are a result of your union, the resemblance is so striking. Only a parent or grand parent could be proud of these children.

Stan said...

That is the highest (21 degrees) that I have seen your little thermometer weather site indicate in many days, must be "global warming". Went to the Little Hamlet By Beluga Slough today, the shore ice along the beach in front of twon extends out into K-bay about a mile - harbor is still froze in, no Coast Guard ice breaker in sight. Reportedly, the seal hunting is very good.

Stan said...

Just a remote possibility, however, do you think perhaps the genetic alterations of the girls could be derived from the peanut butter balls, made out of contaminated peanut butter, that we were all forced to eat at Christmas could have been a constributing factor?

JD Plumma said...

Global warming, probably, has had some effect on the matter..

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