Saturday, March 24, 2007

Keep it on a Leash!

For those of you not knowing, the "snurfer" preceded the snowboard - being on the market in 1965. Two skis fastened by a plank. Designs and times have changed 4 decades later.
A leash is the cord or strap that connects your front foot to your front binding through the use of hooks, clips or straps. They are primarily used for preventing your snowboard from launching itself down the slopes in its own self-assigned seek and destroy mission - thus, a law is in effect requiring a leash. Some of these simple leashes cost $10. The cheap ones being $5. They seem to be a little short, and are difficult to clip on when gloved.

You know (if you know me) that being ordinary happens to provide a boring existence.
This is my own leash design. I bought a 20" choke-chain collar designed for 40-60 lb dogs that set me back $4.99. Heavy key rings and a couple of nice clips (had on hand - would cost $1 each) thrown in the kit, cut the middle choke chain link to separate into 2 chains with a ring, fasten the chrome clip to your boot, and - PRESTO! Two leashes for around $3.50 each! They are totally functional with gloves on, don't get iced up, and don't look bad, either.
The leash(es) will make their maiden voyage to snow, today. Aleyeska has new powder across the entire mountain and my big brother is driving as I type to pick D and me up and spend the day trying not to break upon sudden impact. "Wanna go skiing/boarding with me?", he said....I love my brother!

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Stan said...

Great concept, very markable, chains and spikes seem to be the in thing for this particular market group and age group up to 25. If you pursue the marketing and sales, I would recommend that you incorporate the name into a couple of other "hot products" that are currently marketed internationally with high volume of sales. I would consider the names "Harley Chain" (Harley Davidson) 0r "Angle Chain" (Hell's Angels). snow boarders have a reputation of wildness, so perhaps "Bondage Chain" would also be marketable. You need a little theme music to make an ad campaign work, would suggest you download an old Hank Williams #1 Hit and tweak it slightly, "Take These Chains From My Feet and Let My Board Go". For those that were not HW fans, the original lyrics are "Take these chains from my heart and let me go"

surfyfilms said...

Actually the Snurfer wasn't sold until 1966

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