Sunday, March 25, 2007

Am I supposed to be this sore?

Really, it's just muscle tension from groups I don't use frequently (or, at all). Rod was our champ for driving 220 miles to get his bro' and niece to play on the mountain. D had a very good time - getting her balance on her stick and experiencing a scary mountain with the aspect of control. We didn't get cold, spent plenty of moments on our tail, and smiled and laughed all day - even when our calves were in knots. The snow was thick powder and the sky was fogged around the mountain. We felt we had the place to ourselves (with 10,000 other people believing the same) and the top of the world could be reached via those little chairs hanging from a wire.
I took the old digital camera for memory shots, but discovered it had been "glitching"(gateway, 5 MP, year 2000 model) and I had 1 (ONE!) pic that saved AT ALL. That made me kinda angry, but not enough to forget the fun we had yesterday.

My kid and big Bro'. They're animals, aren't they?

It was around 20 degrees.
Seeing the temperature this morning, I deduce that yesterday was the best choice.

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Stan said...

Such fun, was that Devyn's first time of the mountain? I have spent spome time skiing that area - but it was on the cross country trail - not going to get me on the mountain, especially on a surf board! When I was a little boy, the only time you used a "board" was when your family could not afford to buy you a sled! I had lot's of "boards"! How did the "tow" chain work out?

Kiana said...

Wow that looks fun.

JD Plumma said...

The small chairlift was the scariest part.
The "boards" of your day were needed for building the duck house. 1965 is when the amazing idea became marketable. I remember my Father having a slalom water ski, from the mid-60's, that claimed to be good on snow, too. Us kids tried it that way but never realized it's potential. The only quirk left is that skiers wreck a good boarding hill.

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