Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just a few years to dinner size

My cat, Stanley, has had a regular diet of night crawlers (daily) and has been growing as steady as his feedings. It won't be long 'til he's prime eating. If I waited 'til he was 10 lbs, it might take me 20 years to grow another one. Then again, flatheads (catfish) can get up to 150 lbs!..but that would take a century.

Although he had no interest in Easter eggs, I know that, someday, he will go for long walks/swims with me (if I choose not to eat him for Easter dinner) Like this guy's video of him and his cat....


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Stan said...

Stanley is a fine speciman, but I want yoy to pass of eating him. I want to see you and him go for a swim in lower Kroc Lake. Perhaps, if we could find a suitable mate for this fine specviamn of a cat, we could stalk the lake? What is the breeding cycle of a cat?

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