Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What? Put it in your mouth?!

I'm not sure most Moms would like to see this candy in their kids' mouths. Not even a plumber's wife. Is this teaching our children to suck on the toilet plunger? Some ideas have little potential of being the next hot item on the sales throne...
..while others seat market potential with usefulness.

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Stan said...

The "Plummer Candy" is sick - why can I picture some youngster thinking that the "john" in their house is made out of candy and start devouring the contents! Some weirdo plumber had to concieve this sick product. However, if you bought a batch of them and then when you made a house visit, you could hand them out as freebies to the chilren of your customers - great public relations concept - you would become the most popular Plumma in LA "Here comes the candy man Plumma"! As for the Glow Toilet Comfort Cushion - that has merits - why can I picture two of them in the "Duck House"

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