Sunday, April 01, 2007

Top Priority

First aid is top priority with the scheduled events for HITWRA. There are many varieties of bandaids for the picky wearer. This is the breakfast model - allowing you to stay in fashion upon waking to pancakes and coffee.
Reading material is a must for our creative group. This book should provide some entertainment for the regulars who have run out of dunnage and ideas. Althought the book may be in the Duck House, experiments should be performed elsewhere considering that it's not a shed and might be needed during experiments.

Receipt pending, we should each have a pair of "Duck House" midnight slippers to help us navigate HITW after dark (beer).

There are many other items that appear useful to the camp. It's just a matter of enough time on the clock....and we still need to find a cable for the zip line.

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Stan said...

What great finds, I think I will pass on the band aids, however, I really do enjoy (from my Navy days) chiiped beef on toast (SOS), if I had a band aid that looked like that, I would wear it even if I was not hurt! The lighted slippers have merit, they would work great and add a new element to the old fashion game of hide and go seek at 2 a.m. in the morning at the HITW. It would look like a bunch of lighting bugs runing throuh the bushes. I think our best source for the wire we will need is from our local electric utility - ther have a bunch of spools just laying around not being used. There is also a sesimograph boat working out of Homer for lower cook Inlet now, they should have some excess cable as well. Played poker the other night with a couple of their crew members, a half dozen beers and we could get a spool of cable.

JD Plumma said...

if for the "test" version alone (200'), it's worth a 6-pack. And - band aids come in so many pics now, I think you COULD find SOS - check zumies.

JD Plumma said...

It's barely freezing temperature in, no?

Stan said...

I was just looking at those slippers and a new concept came to me. Why couldn't we salvage these lights out of the slippers and then install them into our wading boots, that would be ideal for those dark mornings that we sneak off to the river a little early to pursue a salmon. We would also have light to tie on a new hook if we get in a yogi position. No more tripping over logs in the dark and when wading, we would know how deep the water was. I do not get many ideas but I think this one will work.

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