Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Searching Pictures Eats The Clock

I seem to collect files (have stored on discs from years past, also - hidden somewhere in "that" desk or box) and/or pictures from web searches, art, jobs, etc. on one designated file in the wife's 'puter that has gotten to mind-filling proportions of senseless information and thoughtless drivel in never-ending rows, alphabetized and separated in labeled folders, files, and clips that I sometimes wonder if I've "posted this before" and the only thing that keeps me going back to that folder is, most likely, my ADHD side showing through and not wanting to make sense for just a moment.

..anyway - what was i saying?.......

visit hole in the wall for your recreational needs
and support your local glacier fund

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2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Know what you mean about collectying pictures, of course I am not as organized as you, I just throw them all into one folder and then have to search one by one. Shocking to see somethat I have collected, I know when I did I had a posting in mind - but don't remember what it was! Don't want to delete, they might come in handy someday. If you ever need a picture of Woodrow Wilson, I have a couple!

Stan said...

thanks for posting the reminder to SOG, it is in prime shape right now, the sun which is a foirm of global warming does not get on it at this point. I did measure it out, if I can find a "blue tarp" 33 feet by 147.5 feet, I think I can cover it from the rays later inthe spring. I would like to preserve it as long as possible, itr is our only source of water at the HITWRA.

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