Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New influx of tourism in AP - S.O.G.

05:53 AM AKST Wednesday January 10
Pressure: 30.49" falling (1032.4 mb)
RelHum: 74%
Skies: Cloudy
Winds: Calm
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As said in the past : glaciers are an amazing natural resource and should be preserved for all to view the wonders of ice.
It has come to my attention the vast amount of snow and frozen awe that has been bestowed upon our glacier at HITWRA. In doing a little research, I find that certain glaciers provide the outlaying community(ies) a constant source of income - as well as enhancing tourism in the general area.

If the caretakers of the HITWRA would spend a little effort on the area, they could collect funds to keep the natural glacier in the corner preserved as a natural wonder for around $20,000. As established by congress in 1996, the Recreation Fee Demo Program could provide funds to keep this glacier pristeen and allow the general public to view the calving beast. It could, very well, be listed on a national site of recreational activities.
If a single vehicle would pay $5 to park - as well as $3 per individual (3 to a car - average) - it would take approximately 1,428 vehicles of sight see'rs to have paid for the preservation and upkeep of the area. Large passenger vehicles (ie : buses) could fetch $100 per visit. The fee of climbing our special glacier would be in addition to the standard charges - pure profit that would support refreshments needed for Memorial Day weekend, and the spam could stay in storage for hard winter months.

Let's pull together to Save Our Glacier, and open a relief account to accept donations from penninsula residents who wish to enhance the tourism market.
In contributing this year, remember the S.O.G. efforts and I'll see you in May.

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Stan said...

Not often, but you do come up with some good ideas once in awhile. I will contact the AP Chamber of Commerce and get that on their agenda at the next board meeting. The glacier should be pristine this spring and should supply the "Kroc" Pond a fresh supply of water for most of the season. I think your "viewing fees" are a little excessive, the "Little Clan" did not do to well when they were charging $5.00 to visit their zoo, look at all of the wildlife they had to view, some very exotic specimans. The "Little Hamlet By Beluga Slough" may also be approachable to purchase some water shares, they seem to always be running out of water. I will pursue this matter in haste, as soon as I wake up from my nap!

Stan said...

The glacier increased in size today by several inches, still snowing hard and a good wind a blowing, temp was 7 degrees when I came in at 8 this evening. Be up at first light sitting behind the plow, again!

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