Friday, April 13, 2007

Store it - lest tomorrow, we dry up

I'm saving/storing all the water from our ice rink drainage to have ample supply for camping. Imagine how water will be scarce during the warm, dry summer months. The price of said liquid will just go up, no doubt.
To combat these prices - and the concern of growing demand - water is being stored in abundance while the chance is at hand. We've had plenty of snow to provide the entire family with enough water until August. Then, we pray for rain. Storage seemed an issue until I developed a dehydration process where 1,000 gallons could be stored in the silverware drawer - in the "odd spoon" bin alone. The decision of a name for this miracle in a jar rooted from what was in the yard prior to drainage and dehydration.

This new innovation will keep the beer consumption at a minimum and will prevent any of the clan members from saying crazy things when drunk (there are a lot of difficult to downright impossible things to say when drunk).

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Stan said...

This could solve the probl;em for those of us who do not like to drink water. You are suppose to drink so many glasses of water per day, with the dehydrated water, all you would need to do is eat a couple of tablespoons to meet the daily allowance. Now if you would put all the vitamin pills in it that you are also suppose to take on daily basis that would also solve that problem.

Tormen Tagain said...

I would suggest that if this item is one that would be stored in abundance for emergencies that it shouldn't be kept in the attic. Think of the consequences if it rains just after an earthquake. All those cans of dehydrated water shaking around falling off shelves, rolling around the floor, lids becoming loosened, cans punctured by the christmas tree stand etc.. The quake leaves just enough of a crack in the roof to let the rain in. The water getting into the attic "hydrates" the dehydrated water in turn flooding the attic even more. Hope the video camera is ready as the wonderful cascade of drywall, insulation, christmas supplies and yes, water, pours into your living space.
Of course, the well prepared fully insured individual might want to stock up on the product for just that reason ya know?, pause, ..........hmm?........where can I buy this?
Maybe I'll stock it next to the dehydrated mashed potatoes. That way when it comes flowing rather than rushing out of the attic I'll have time to run grab my video camera to capture the event.
Since it happens here in Alaska in our northern latitude could it officially be named a "Spud-floe"? Then I can collect on not only the insurance money but funding from the government to study the phenomenon?

Heidi said...

HAHAHAHAHAA... tormen thats great.

JD Plumma said...

The new, improved version is fortified, Stan - like Cap'm Crunch! And - the spud-flow near made me blow mocha out my nose.

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