Friday, April 13, 2007

What we need is more cosmic rays!

So - permafrost beats us, too

Is this our Alaskan future?

"Thawed permafrost releases methane and carbon dioxide. Those gases reach the atmosphere and help trap heat on Earth in the greenhouse effect. The trapped heat thaws more permafrost, and so on.....Another study earlier this summer in the journal Science found that the amount of carbon trapped in this type of permafrost — called yedoma — is much more prevalent than originally thought and may be 100 times the amount of carbon released into the air each year by the burning of fossil fuels." USA Today

Remember "El Nino"? Why haven't we heard about this in a decade, or so? It used to cause so many problems.

"Ten years ago, Danish researchers Henrik Svensmark and Eigil Friis-Christensen first hypothesized that cosmic rays from space influence the Earth’s climate by effecting cloud formation in the lower atmosphere. Their hypothesis was based on a strong correlation between levels of cosmic radiation and cloud cover – that is, the greater the cosmic radiation, the greater the cloud cover. Clouds cool the Earth’s climate by reflecting about 20 percent of incoming solar radiation back into space.

The hypothesis was potentially significant because during the 20th century, the influx of cosmic rays was reduced by a doubling of the sun’s magnetic field which shields the Earth from cosmic rays. According to the hypothesis, then, less cosmic radiation would mean less cloud formation and, ultimately, warmer temperatures – precisely what was observed during the 20th century."

Steven Malloy

What about galactic space snakes?

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Stan said...

You have went into some in depth analysis in this area, I did not know that our perma frost was creating such a mess, I thought it only affected roads and buildings. Based on your analysis, some day into the future our state is going to be comrpised of thousands of acres of dried peat moss waste lands. With all that moss dust flying around, it is going to raise havoc with those that suffer from sinus or allergy problems. However, if the Arctic National Wildlife Area dries up, we should ber able to drill for oil without any permits. So there is a positive side to this global problem.

Shana said...

Mr Mclay...have you ever thought that maybe flatulants could be the froblem. Seems with the amout of gasses this family alone puts out...well global warming could be our fault. Now fix this blog so I can read it please...I miss your blogs but can not read them as the letters over lap.

Shana said...

hey yours was as opperating error...but it is fixed could you figure out why I can not leave a comment on the bears site?

JD Plumma said...

You dork! Are you on IE?! Mom has a problem that way. I need to get her Mozilla.
In case you're looking.

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