Monday, November 19, 2007

Battling the elements

The yard is melting at a steady, expedient rate. To the point
I should worry about spring soup trauma in November, though?
It's obvious that some pollutants might escape the back yard if
this trend continues.

Although a good start was achieved on ice rink construction,
the weather, today, was not cooperating with the efforts. In
fact, it has had an "Evapotranspirational" affect on the
project, and does not look like that will change for
a few days to come. It appears to be leading us
to a slush-filled Thanksgiving with, maybe
a black, wet - to - glazed road travel situation
for any evening trips to or from a place of dinner.
The strong winds should help finish the asphalt glaze
shortly after dusk and keep "Dark Friday" drivers on their
guard into the late hours of the morning. I'm thinking I might not go.
Black Friday

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I will have a good time at Thanksgiving dinner at the Pope's home
but will consider road (and mind) conditions before making the
trek home. Is the turkey out of the freezer, yet?
The pies have been dancing in my head
for the last week, or better.
I think it's time.

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Shana said...

I am NOT getting out of bed until at least day light on Black Friday...ten years of working retail and you could not PAY me to go out on Friday...1. The pretzel shop will never be able to keep up, and why go to the mall if not for a pretzel...and 2...Tis the Season my ass...that day it is All for themselves...Geico should up the rates of every one driving in a mall parking lot on Black Friday.

Stan said...

I agree, I do not look forward to the traffic and congestion in downtown Anchor Point on Black Friday. I will probably have to get up before daylight and park at the hardware store in order to be in line when it opens! My point exactly, wait until Christmas Eve and have a "Red Neck" Horn, it makes it all easier!

Stan said...

IfI remember right, someone gave you advance warning to save your work - seeing that run off can you imagine what the "sink hole" is going to look like inthe soring, might be a good time to consider enlarging your basement! You should have less groudn to dig up - oh, by the way - it is going to get worse!

Stan said...

Before I closed down, thought I would check the ole doppler one more to see how things were going, it is down and not available - think maybe to much rain?

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