You know how you could listen to a song for years - knowing the
original artist, of course, - and not ever understand the
origination of the story, thoughts, etc. or what is, truly,
the meaning of verse? I hear my kids' music lyrics,
on occasion, or pick up on what the radio is
spewing to whoever has the notion (or, reception).
For example ; Have you heard the song written about
picking out a splinter? You probably have, and just don't
know it. My Bro-in-law, Heath, had me worked up about a
certain song on the radio that seemed to have something to do
with the neighbor's dog crapping in his yard and being very
angry about it? Turned out it had nothing to do with any
one's dog - only mentioned dogs twice in the song. I
found the lyrics online, as well, to actually know
what was being said. This can be a big mistake
if you are offended easily or are worried about sub-
liminal messages in your child's music. Backwards playing
in the past have been controversial - at the least. This
link is to a site by Jeff Milner that has made mp3's of reversed
music of different sorts.
A lot of songs from our history have a more
diverse meaning than I ever thought. Tay has been going through a lot
of music from the 60's, until today's tunes, and enlightening us of the
"true" meaning(s) behind the author/writer of the popular hits.
It seems - partially due to information access (the web)-
she knows more than I about the stuff I listened to
on a regular basis when I was her age.
I never
had the C64 on line, though.........I thought
they said,"soul on the back of his knees"
Not only way off, but, WAY OFF!
I only hope the subliminal messages,
mistaken lyrics, forgotten meanings, and
banging of heads to the unknown has not tainted
my views on life (at a subconscious level) and I will
continue to keep my cool, collected thoughts no matter what the
messages want to make me do. Do you know the origin
of your kids' music - or, let alone, yours?

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Heidi said...

Very nice pattern with your words. You are getting good at that.

Stan said...

The pattern was so well written, I think you could turn it into a song!

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