Republicans still run in the back while
it appears the Democrats are still chasing the
last few delegates around. McCain appears tired, or ,
reluctant of his victory in numbers
as he speaks . Meanwhile, mistakes have added up
for Romney as he suspends his campaign. With
less than half of his voters claiming to be
conservative, McCain tries to win conservative
votes - hoping to scratch up the support he needs.
The little crumbs left in the corner may not be
enough for a meal after so much diversity
among Republicans has split
opinionated voters.
Keeping an eye on the tank
for further insight on
America's politics...

and, now, for something completely different...


I seen Sally Mae the other day,
And her laigs wuz as ugly as they could be,
She had got herself two big tattoos,
One wuz put upon each knee.

She thought it'd make her legs more purty,
and'er reasonin' wern't hard to follow,
‘cause the Lord knows that Sally Mae,
Has the ugliest laigs in the hollow.

She wuz a’figurin’ the tattoos
if put on'er knees just might,

divert poeple's eyes away,
from such'n ugly sight.

On her left knee wuz a tattoo of the Chicago Fire,
On the other knee wuz the devil in his full attire.
But them tattoos ain’t worked out all that well,
“Cuz when she crosses her laigs, it looks like hell!

by Chuck Sullivan

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Sure tell when someone is working nights, all that quietness around the homestead is a great time to be creative. Noticed your postings are also getting longer, there is a lot to be said and read about verbose, and prattling blogs. I am sure that once Ranger Bill reads the poem you posted, he will re-write it into the language of a "trucker" which is slightly more offensive than that of a sailor.

Stan said...

P.S. Was not ignoring your political posting, just saving it up for a posting that I will be making later.

j, d plumma said...

Let's keep in mind the fact of Chuck Sullivan being the writer of "Ugly Laigs".
The fish have shown the way....

j, d plumma said...

Will the new post include info on Ron Paul and his new plan of "Independentcy"?

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