So the founder of The Weather Channel plans to
sue Al having to do with global warming.
If Alaskan villages get wind of this, they
may have a shorter wait for the court's decision
providing they "follow suit". Al has high priced
lawyers and may be in big oil's pocket, but
has nowhere near the funding to battle a suit for
20 years - like Exxon. Maybe he will let the
Eskimos move into his 10,000 sq. ft. home
with him to save millions in relocating costs
for this village's fate.

Al slammed Canada for their rejection of the
Kyoto Treaty and called their efforts on greenhouse
emissions "..fraud and.. misleading..."
Not only did he offer an opinion of global warming,
he offered an opinion about the Canadian government,
too - as if his Oscar for his error-filled documentary
had gone to his head and he suddenly confused
himself with the ruler of the world.

July 6 - last year - Greenland ice testing shows
great hope
that the previous warming phase of
the world did NOT melt the cap off completely.
Good evidence that Greenland was, actually,
green at one time (450,000 - 800,000 years
ago). Once again, speculation from DNA pulled
from deep in the ice involving bugs and vegetation.

Truth of the matter is, whenever we guess -
however educated it may be - about the world's
existing situation and what has preceded us, we
seem to be wrong more oft than not. I have been
tired of being told to "go green" and may just make
up my mind to go purple!
I don't think it will be any different in Northern
Canada (except they almost scoffed at
Al, and they have potent beer). I think I'm
starting to like Canadians! Not just for their
money, either.

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Stan said...

The more I hear about "global warming" the less I listen! In the past six months, most of the myths have been proven wrong, i.e.,it took 100 years for the temperature of the earth to increase one degree, in the past year that increase diminished by one degree. However, a few still claim the fact that it it a warming trend, perhaps they should take a look at the entire northern hemosphere this past winter and see the decrease, I would rather believe in "Global Cooling"! However, they still grasp at straws, a large ice shelf is about to break off at Anarticia, of course they jumped on this and it is the fault of "Global Warming", I wonder if they have ever heard of glacier calving? I am with you, I am not going green, I do not like green except in grass, flowers, and trees and limes in my rum, you go purple, I will go Blue, this color higlights my eyes! Purple is an unusal pick for a color, wasn't there some type of controversy pertaining to the color of purple and the little "tubbies"

j, d plumma said...

Yes - purple was the color of a certain Tubbie that had been considered gay by religious groups. It, also, happens to be my never-ending comparison color for when things aren't exactly (or, even close to) the way they appear.
"I always thought it was purple! Now, I realize it's an off-shade of fuschia!" - just not quite what it seemed to be.

The snow in Michigan doesn't yell "WARMING TREND!", does it?!

j, d plumma said...

...but i'm not gay...Not that there's anything wrong with that!

SBTVD said...

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Stan said...

It must be nice to know that your post is likeable and your blog is very interesting. I wonder if the coor of "purple" attracted the above comment. Are you likeable?

j, d plumma said...

As a matter of fact - yes. More likeable than some who don't get comments from "beyond". Like, digital tv!

j, d plumma said...

it wasn't gay, either

j, d plumma said...

not that there's anything wrong with that

Stan said...

Call it off, the global warming people are right, it is warming up and now it is even raining! Damm, April showers, next thing we know we will be having to put up with silly May flowers.

j, d plumma said...

...maybe i was wrong about the warming's melting here, too.

Stan said...

In A.P., we have now went 37.75 hours as of 0930 on Tuesday without the hint of a freeze, birds have slowed down coming into the feeder, buds on the bushes alongside the house, the truck is filthy, the snow pack is mushy, all solid indicators of "global warming."

j, d plumma said...

I suppose this is going to go on for months, too!

Stan said...

The trend continues, since you are the whoreicultrist in the group, at least you grew a apple tree. Would you do me a favor and go to the web site They advertise this quick growing grass, but once you open up thier site they have "miracle" growing plants, bushes, and trees, including a tree that supposeldy grows strawberries. I already have an order posted and ready to send for the majority of their products, but hestitating to see how much BS is in their fertilizer. Opions appreciated. If they work and are half of what they advertise, it might be interesting.

j, d plumma said...

interesting - yes. They definitely have a lot of bragging to do about their products. Too bad some of the pictures for examples are cartoons. That is the only thing I have in question - the "artists rendition" of a plant that has been proven? Don't they have cameras in the UK?
Regardless, I've always wanted a "fruit salad" tree and that looks like some good grass, man! I'd love to see it grow at -20* as they claim.

Coetsee said...

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Anonymous said...


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