Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Driven by awe

WE track through life, but are we looking for the
beauty in all of it's background?

The pasty, defined moon hung low in the sky,
this morning, as street lights still shone inches below..

..and dawn cracked the silhouette of LA bowl (not just
ANYONE sees this) around 6 AM (early, no?) just to stir company,
I suppose. Beauty is around us for those that look. Life has a
good theme, so far, to the point that I'm comfortable
dropping a load anywhere.

Not everyone needs a kickstand for their toilet!

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Stan said...

Yea, those early mornings can be the best time of the day,still quiet and undisturbed. It was really nice this morning at 1:00 am when I came rolling in from my Wednesday night poker game. Our little tournament is starting to get out of control, having to play three tables every week now. I am still trying to figure out what is with the kickstand on the pot and why, I guess a PPP would know but us poor old layman have no concept, what if you do not weigh enough to make the shocks contract to a level position? Pretty hard to comtemplate life when you are sitting on a slant. (Practicing Professional Plumma) Oh yea, took my morning coffee on the deck this moring, had to have a jacket but it is a start. Also noticed some leaves coming to bud on our flowering bushes! could it possibly be?

Shana said...

yep it is...spring has sprung...we found clover yesterday....

Heidi said...

My stay at the hospital when I was pregnant with Devyn, i could have used one of those kickstand. I was still under 180 pounds and every time I sat on the pot it would shift making this horrible noise like it would fall off the wall, and everyone in the Hall knew what I was doing.

John warned the nurses if it fell he would sue, maintenance looked at it once but nothing was ever fixed.

j, d plumma said...

This design of "kickstand" came about because a carrier (cast iron fitting that bolts through the concrete floor and has the bolts and waste pipe to hold 100 lbs of porcelain AND 300 lbs of human) had not been installed correctly - with little support. The wall-hung toilet, then, shifts or, flexes, with the 5/8" bolts that hold it to the carrier - causing the gasket seal to fail and leak.
One guy - with Budweiser - sat on a 45 year old toilet at K&L Distributors and the damn thing hit the floor and broke! The old carriers were not installed properly and the concrete bolts tore loose from the slab - allowing the whole carrier to rock to and fro'. The funny part is that it is a DOUBLE carrier (one toilet on each side (wall dividing the restrooms)). When someone sat on one, the other would raise up 1 inch or better. At that time, Mac (General Manager) asked if such a thing existed. The boss and I had no idea where to look. The other day, I happened upon one, and LLAAAUUUGHED!! Heavy weights, only.

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