Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's the deal with the temperature?

It's almost as if 32 degrees is as cold as the air
wants to get over the span of an evening. It
would seem that ease of uttering the "S" word
is upon us but I, somehow, have difficulty
spitting it out. (Sounds like "bling" or "sting",
but doesn't shine like gold or hurt like a bee).

Snow in July!

"A heavy snowstorm blanketed the Denali Education
Center on July 17, (2003) leaving nearly two inches of
snow on the grounds. These Fireweed plants were
flattened by the wet snow, but within a few days had
bounced back. The storm caused the Denali Highway
to be closed indefinitely, and the Alaska Railroad
had to stop services for three days while tracks were
repaired. The Nenana River was
at its highest levels since 1990."

~Denali Education Center~

This is what makes me want to see the "rest" of
the white stuff at this time - not keeping 'til mid-summer.
As stranger things have happened, this was still a
shock to anyone - regardless of elevation.

Does anyone remember last year at this time?

Facts certainly are a stupid thing, aren’t they? Maybe
folks like Gore and his not so merry band
of alarmists should try them sometime.
As for "that "S" word", will someone please speak it for
me, or, are y'all a-feared of it's sound in
the month of March as well?

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Stan said...

We did have a good "thaw" day yesterday, but night temps dropped below freezing once again - we need 24 hour days of temps above 32 to get spring to sprung. In our area, I do not think the frost went as deep as last year, but we surely do have more snow cover. I did learn something from your posting today, it is always a learning experience when I read your site. Pertaining to your link, "You can tell if your outside pipe freezes because you'll stop getting water from your tap. The taps depend on pressure from the outside lines, Kokela said." That is an interesting concept, I guess a similar comparison would be when I water the garden and the water hose gets a kink in it, no water will come out the other end. Information of this type should be included in all handbooks that accompany water producing products. I bet some people don't even know you are suppose to turn on the valve to allow water to flow into the interior plumbing. I thnk we have seen the last of the _ _ _ _, don't even want top speak the word.

j, d plumma said...

another "s" word, no doubt.
It's not like I'm being pessimistic about the whole (you know what) ordeal - just ready for whatever the sky drops is all.

Stan said...

Another sign of "global warming" today, under windy but sunny conditins the snow pack declined another .25 inches, at that rate, my calculations indicate that we will be snow free on April 16th at 1883 ADST.

Stan said...

I just caught on to your last picture in your posting, thatis a definite sign of "spring", took awhile for me to catch on!

Stan said...

Forgot to mention it, "our cow goes moooo but it won't go poooo" is there a secret in making cow go poooo?

j, d plumma said...

I think it has something to do with your fist and elbow....you probably have something similar in your old vid. collection.
I can't BELIEVE you said the "S" word!!

Shana said...


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