Sunday, March 23, 2008

Leave us not forget chocolate

The Belgian chocolate made the chocolate egg
with at least 50.000 bars. Twenty-six craftsman worked
altogether 525 hours to build the easter egg.
They needed 4300 lbs of chocolate for this feat.

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Heidi said...

That is so sad... those poor chickens... do you think they DUNKED them?

Stan said...

Dunked or drunked, they are colorful. However, this is the natural colors of this specfic species of exotic chickens. They are raised primarily for pets but in recent years, Cabela's and Outdoor Warehouse has made them very popular among the millions of men and women who tie their own flies. They raise these chickens and pluck the feather they need for a particular fly directly from the chicken instead of using died flies of dead feathers. Using a live feather gives a little more life to the fly. As well, since it is natural, the color does not fade as it does with dyed feathers. A side product is that they never have to buy eggs and at Easter, do not have to dye the eggs.

Shana said...

I want the green and blue one...he has a cute "fro"...

j, d plumma said...

We had something similar while growing up - at least at the time we painted the chicken house - except they were just pink in latex.

Stan said...

Now, I have to wonder what do you do with 4,300 pounds of chocolate?

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