Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tax credit for efficiency?

The IRS gives tax credits to those who "go green"
(in specific ways). Hybrid vehicles, solar power,
energy-efficient heaters, etc. lead way to earn
tax credits by saving energy.
A few months back, I replaced the boiler AND
water heater at our place with a combination
heater. The new boiler/WH package is rated at
85% efficiency - which is a savings, already
over the 1962 boiler with (at best guess) about
50% efficiency with regard to previous oil-
burner, outdated burner technology, etc.
We got no tax credit on the new beast,
but would have a $130(yes - ONE hundred)
credit if 95% efficiency was achieved.
The cost difference of equipment was
drastic at the least, and would have cost
twice as much for that kind of efficiency.
It would then take twice the time to pay
for itself in energy savings - regardless
of credit received from taxes. Is this
supposed to be my incentive?

Vehicle purchase can lead to credits as well.
Take the Ford Escape -
Rated the most fuel-efficient SUV in America
at around 30 MPG. Average price is about
$23K to get up to $3K credit on taxes.
My feeling is that an energy efficient vehicle
- as a "hybrid" (elec./gas) - should get more
than 30 MPG with a 153 hp 4 cyl. - even in the city.
I had a 1984 Corolla (24 years previous)
that got 40 MPG. Granted, not an SUV, but,
is this new vehicle with high ratings really
a savings in energy, or does it just tap the
pocket book of wannabe "go-greeners"?
A similar SUV that just burns fossil fuel -
the Chevrolet Equinox - is rated for 25 MPG
on the highway with a 185 hp 6 cyl. engine
and no big, expensive electric motor. At a
comparable price, the tax credit for the hybrid
may be needed to repair the motor and/or
controls when the system glitches.
Over all, I believe these new "hybrids" are
forcing their way onto our streets with
federal backing for the green attitude.
Bottled water consumers might be
fooled by this attitude as the marketing
strategies are providing unclear info
on the specified product.
I also think that technology has far
surpassed 30 MPG and manufacturers
are using up "old stock" technology that
$billions were invested in. Flex-fuel,
electric, and moonshine-burning cars
have the lever on the automotive market
at this point, but when are other technologies
going to be used to actually save fuel
consumption and lessen emissions?
An early model air-engine vehicle.

Let's try a pneumatic engine? This idea
has been available - and tested - for some
, now (1820's). Imagine a QUIET engine with
minimal heat and ZERO emissions. MPG
would be an archived rating pertaining to
the "classics" that burned gas. Gas engines
have been converted to pneumatic also -
with proven effects. All you would need is to
keep a battery bank charged to run the
electronics and compressor. Is this not
developed for the market over oil sales?
Lego has this idea put to use in toys...
maybe it's time to actually put effort
in to reducing emissions instead of taking
advantage of our global panic tendency.
Nearly 24,000 hybrid vehicles were sold
in the US in January, 2008. Bottled water
sales reached $10 billion, annually, in
2005. The estimated figure is, now,
between $50 and $100 billion.
Do you know that to produce one single
container that holds 1 liter it requires
5 liters of water in its manufacturing
process? Maybe we will drink tap water
(what the majority of bottled water IS)
and invest our $50 billion in pneumatics.

That is, if we're REALLY concerned...

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Stan said...

J.D.Plumma must be going without sleep or he awoke from a nap and couldn't go outside to play so he started to write. Was it not you that defined the word "verbose" to me? Perhaps, this is the longest blog that you have made, I will research it and go back through the archives. "Green",one of those buzz words that make me grit my teeth! I go green every summer by planting flowers, shrubs and berry bushes! That is as green as I will get. I do not want a car that I can not sit comfortably in nor one that will make a nice hood orament on the hood of the Mack Truck. I do nto want to have to go home and plug in my car and increase my electrical bill by $15.00 to save $10.00 worth of gas. I hit the acceleratror, I want to be doing 85 mpg in a matter of seconds, not having to look for a hill to go down to pick up enough speed to pass a car. I like my gasoline, let the "Green movement" save their gas and I will use it. I remember a good number of years ago, the diesel engine appeared in cars and trucks. Fuel effiecincy and costs, everyone rushed out and bought a diesel, now they have changed the diesel fuel so you need to put an additive in the older englines before you use it. The cost has exceeded gas. My second pet peeve, next to "Green" is the diesel drivers that think they are long haul truck drivers and leave their Chevrolet F150 in the parking lot with the engine running or better rattling. I want to drive down the highway in silence so I can meditate or listen to my favorite Barry Mannalow 8 Track withut hearing those funny little things going up and down in the engine compartment. If I wanted that much noise when I drive, I would buy a capterpillar. No, I am going to drive under the power of gas and just perhaps, someday the "greenies" will permit us to develop the vast reservoirs of gas that we have access to and allow some new refineries to be built. Now, my one exception, I will switch from Gasoline just as soon as they develop an engine the size of a V-8 that is nuclear powerd. As for the plastic water and soft drink bottles - there is a good use for them and I will continue to work on that. That will be my contribution to mankind, perhaps it will earn me the Novbbel Peace Prize, worked for Egor.

Stan said...

Knowing that you appreciate my WAW System,I thought I had best give you an update. Been raining in Homer and A.P. all day, continues to rain, snow pack is declining rapidly. Been having high winds most of the day and expected to last the duration of the night. Temperatures remained above freezing last night, 40+ degrees today and not expected to freeze tonight. However, my ice skating rink is in good shape and much larger than yours. It extends from our parking lot to the Old Strerling Highway and has a great slope going up to the upper level parkjing lot. A great place to try downhill skating. Not that I am going to try, but it is polished to the point that you could skate on it. As soon as I hear the first running water into the HITW I will post you, that is sure sign of spring.

j, d plumma said...

I actually started "peeving" that a month a go - in the bank, so to speak. A competition of worded writings, I cannot approach. Good attitude, buddy! Love the smell of a two-stroke and top-fuelie!

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