With canoe afloat and lines wet,
trout were at mind.
Although severe wind
gusts made them anchor,
ice fishing seemed to be the cure
for cabin fever as D rolls in another
tasty trout for dinner. After 3 hours
of tossing the little ones back,

She finally managed to land a big one!
A 43.8 lb Rainbow!

Just look at that proud face!
We shall eat 'til payday!
I'll have to check the world records
for this one - it might beat the current
Saskatchewan holder...

- for kicks and giggles -
what kind of trout is depicted in the first frame?

7 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Hey, that is a great after school activity, teach a kid to fish and they will have food the rest of their lives. However, I did notice that neither young lady was wearing any type of PFD. We should also be teaching them water safety. Also noted that both of them were standing in a canoe, not a thing to do in a canoe, they were invented by the Indian to get revenge on the white man. We should be teaching our children boat safety. Also noted, neither girl was wearing safety glasses - flying hooks can injure the eyes. But, that 43 pound rainbow is a keeper, this young fisherman is also a keeper, but if she ever grows into those hands, she is going to be a big girl! To indentify the fish that is hooked up, the original picture is to small to tell. However, by enlarging it, I could almost tell so I transfered it to my photo program and enlarged just the fish, at 900% I could almost tell the specie, but any higher than that it became a blur. From my initial test,it appears to be a very rare specie, a cross bred between a trout and pike but only a guess until furhter research is completed. I take these quizzies very serious.

j, d plumma said...

You're so right about safety. I kept telling them to sit down, but wasn't about to swim out there and make them!

j, d plumma said...

by the way, D was wearing a PFD and her friend is an airhead - I figured that was enough.

Stan said...

I do apologize, D is almost wearing a PFD.

Shana said...

and....your still crazy!!!
Brown Trout....
see the pfd....
air head?
man d has big hands.....
doesn't that canoe have a hole in it???

Da Bears said...

I think I released that fish a few years ago.

j, d plumma said...

OH! That was YOUR pixie we pulled out of his tail. It looked like the work of a Bear, come to think of it.

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