Thursday, February 21, 2008

Words and American English in flight -

It has been said - over the last week - that this anti-
satellite missile launch is a FIRST. Maybe it was
just worded wrong?

"This is the first time we've used a tactical
missile to engage a spacecraft."
General James Cartwright


This missile defense technology began in the late 1950's
A B47-Stratojet was used for the "first" launch of an anti-
satellite missile (the Bold Orion) from a vertical climbing
position. They missed by a few miles, still claiming "success".
"In 1959 an anti-satellite missile test used
Explorer 6 as a target. The missile successfully
passed within 6.4 kilometers (4 mi) of the satellite."



"Free-flight" launches were performed in 1964 and there have
been more than a few tests since 50 years ago. There is plenty
of evidence - even from military web sites with pictures - that
this technology was used in 1985 to destroy a Solwind P78-1
satellite - approved by none other than "Star Wars" Reagan,
himself, and launched from an F-15 in a supersonic climb.

September, 1985

"In September 1985, the ASAT was successfully tested against
an orbiting satellite, which it destroyed by impact. Despite
further successful tests, the Air-launched ASAT program was
terminated by the Air Force in March 1988 because
of budgetary constraints and Congressional restrictions."

Santa Monica College Edu. site

Maybe, he (Cartwright) meant to say, "This is the first time
we've used a tactical missile launched FROM A SHIP....".
This would not have been taken as false information -
considering there is GOBS of info on this subject
available to the world at a keystroke. Then again,
the satellites aren't REALLY in space -
just the atmosphere. Let's just hope the assumptions
of the fuel tank being destroyed are more accurate
than previous statements concerning missiles.

Not to distract from the main point of my blog (distractive
uselessness), Check out this frog of ancient times!
It could've eaten our cat!

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Stan said...

Da Bears are on line!

Stan said...

A lot of great research, that project took you awhile to compile. I did not realize that we had done that many shots and especially that far back in time. Are you sure that you did not accidently tap into some files that are classified? If a dark sedan pulls up in your yard, three guys get out wearing sunglasses with ear plugs in - I suggest that you do not open the door or at a minimum send one of the girls to answer the door to let them know that "daddy" is not home. I don't think they would arrest a young minor girl, maybe interragate them a little but I am sure they would not "waterboard" them. I keep usingtyhe chalkboard - but my notes disappear!

j, d plumma said...

Is THAT who I ran off the road on my way to work? They won't find me at the mental hospital in the evenings, I'll bet.
The chalkboard stores information received in a hidden file folder that is of utmost secrecy. All information entered can, and will, be used against you when the time is right.

j, d plumma said...

ADHD - What about that frog?

Stan said...

Yea, I forgot the frog. I came across that picture on my web newws the other night. I saved the picture to "My Photos" to be used in a future blog thanks for stealing my posting, from now on I will copyright my thoughts!

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