If the temp were to drop down to, say,
ice rink would be in prime shape to skate - as
it has been through a serious "conditioning" phase
with temps in the low 40's. The surface has been
glass-like in appearance, but wet under the
little ice that does form overnight. At least
we've had no more rain to "condition" it
further, which would leave it in pour
condition. I found a "drainage hole"
in one side, yesterday, and had to plug it
before it etched a stream to the neighbor's
yard. I wish for cold, again, and dry precipitation
- if any. Sorry, spring lovers. The thaw can wait.

The slab is getting a skim of liquid right away -
the surface is bubbly and choppy. I'll coat it
while the temp is dropping to 25 tonight and
then it won't be so angry. Maybe a skating party
tomorrow afternoon? Bring hot cocoa or drinks.

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Shana said...

Looks like Lake Mclay might be prime for fishing in the next couple of days....remind me NOT to come see you till spring is well under way...remember where the water went that spring you decided to wash the car??? Your neighbors forgive you yet???

j, d plumma said...

THAT water happened to be ON the street. The rink water evaporates off, or runs into our crawlspace (maybe a little to the neighbors', too).

It's, also, a little too stiff to fish, now...

Stan said...

Ah, looks like a little threat with a 9 mm auto loader is the only thing we need to use to change our weather. Following your lead, I riggged up a double barrel shot gun aimed at my therometer wit a note attached, "Reach for 60 degrees or I am going to blow your pointer off" Hope it works, I like that therometer and would hate to see blown away. But, I am willing to sacrafice to bring on the spring.

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