Saturday, February 23, 2008

K had a few friends over...

...because the ice rink was in the best shape
of it's existence. Temperature lowered to
20, last night, and the new coat on the ice
left an almost perfect glaze to play. I tried a
little art idea in the ice and will adjust some
techniques before I really get crazy with
a design. If it works, posting is eminent.

Hot chocolate and a fire with 28 degrees is hard
to beat for a good time on ice.

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Stan said...

I thought about your ice conditions this morning when I left the poker tournament at 3:40 a.m.! Started at 8:00 pm and finished up shortly after three. Great Tournament. Won't tell you how I done, but will give you a hint, some guy with the last name of H _ _ R _ _ _ _ O _ came in second. conditons for you tonight are also good, at least here we have cold, clear and fgull moon conditions.

Shana said... left this link...where are the space fish?? and the things that blow up...I see a gun...and blowing that thermometer up WILL NOT make the heat go up or down outside sorry...the burning log...not good for the frozen ice rink...Could be the satalite down at the bottom is what dad was referring too...but I like the I stopped here...the gun scarred me after Heidi's blog and the mad house wife....

Stan said...

Shana, you were at the right site, you just need to search the archieves to discover that 32.3% of this sites posting has to do with something that flies or blows up, 41.6% of the postings have to do with fish, of one type or another as well as some in depth insight as to the personalities and behavorial science of fish - I have two right now that I am going to send to him to physco-analazye, they have been acting weird for the past couple of weeks. You have to learn to read all the articles, not just the headlines and first paragraph, alot of stories do not make a point until the last line or it could be buried deep within the article, some call it verboseness, I prefer to consider this style as "mystery writing" the reader has to solve the mystery on what the autor is writing about and the same can hold true in the comment section because some writers have a real difficult time bringing their thoughts to a close in a timely fashion because they have so much to say, so much on their mind, and a deep desire to educate the masses that go day by day without knowing anything of the outside world except for the very small one within which they exist and as well it is an excellent way to violate all rules of the English language as no one is keeping track as to whether or not you using proper sentence structure, comma abuse, of for that matter the need to start and stop a sentence. To prove my point, you just read a sentence that has a total of 179 words and yet you either agree with me, don't agree with me or do do not have a clue what I said but at the ssame time you read the entire comment and perhaps solved the mystery point in which I was attmepting to make somewhere in the comment. To make a point, the total blog posting was only 78 words, so in one sentence the comment was extended to a 179 word sentence, my dearest that is a true example of artisitic verboseness.

j, d plumma said...

Yes. Verboseness. Or just on the juice, again. Are you sure only 32.3 % flies or blows up? Did anyone solve your mystery? I sorta zoned out after "Shana, you (something, something, lots of words, blah, blah) and skip-read it to "yak, yak) artistic verboseness".
HEY! That reminds me of a favorite blog site - prattle (something or other...)

j, d plumma said...

there IS one crazy lady that follows my comment sections that has a style of "mystery writing" of her own - A Glimpse at (Ritalin, or something?).
I keep thinking it said "reality" but, this can't be it.

Shana said...

What is reality really....In a world as verbose as ours...especially when it takes hours of research to decipher fact from fiction...and even then one must worry that another with more verbatim skills will communicate issues of great interest with a biased opinion...
So what is reality really??

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