Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I think I'm winning!

Yes - it hurts a little, today, but the toughest
part of my night job is past as of 4:30 AM.

Just a couple of days to do the last few supply
lines to different areas and that original, existing
main piping can be shut off, drained, capped, and
abandoned in place (left hanging in the tight
spot it's in). The new piping is now in operation.
As far as jobs go, this one has taxed my mind and
body. It feels good to have done something that
was presented to me as "near impossible", but
I'm sure it will feel even better when day jobs
are on my plate, the aspirin kicks in and the
hurting stops. I just need to get out of the
mental hospital without being "interviewed"
or they might not let me go until I get
a tune-up.

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j, d plumma said...

......i win.......

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