Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If all goes well, they let me out tomorrow.

Although UANT seemed a difficult mission
to follow through, the task at hand has come
down to it's final stage. The night job at the
mental hospital should be completed this
evening (morning to me). Everything went
mostly as planned in the project - including
aches and migraines - and the finish line is
in view. The part the hospital maintenance
will appreciate the most would have to be
that the existing piping had many holes
that have been patched over the last
two years and they would like to not
worry about this issue any more. The
old galvanized line has a lot of mineral
deposits that restrict flow and can hold
acidic properties - slowly eating pinholes
in the material.
If you were their water, this would be
your highway:

30 Year Old 4" Galvanized

Other areas have more build-up than this piece,
but you get the idea, no? Copper has a smoother
inside surface with less resistance and does not
"catch" minerals like zinc-coated steel. Of course,
after 30 years, the new pipe will not be this pretty,
but will not look like that old beast.
This will be a smoother ride:

This pic is looking back into the new 4" pipe to the
main shut-off (isolation) valve at the main supply
to the building. If the fixtures (sinks, toilets, showers,
etc.) were animate, we would probably get hugs
for giving them liquid without the pebbles. The
maintenance department - as far as plumbing
goes - will soon appear like Maytag repairmen.

Pop Quiz:
This was the Original Maytag Repairman. Who is it?
Did one episode of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" (1975),
and had a role in “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.”
Born Sept 14, 1913 and died Dec 29, 1996.
fellow, and you’d think he had a larger career
than he actually did.
Also, name the actor hired in 1997 for the repairman
in TV commercials. This man was most famous for his
role in a 70's sit-com (
September 1978 - April 1982)
with one of my favorite blonds in TV at that time,

but his first appearance was on "The Love Boat".
Sadly, this man passed away in 2003.

(my apologies if you were looking for something that flies
or blows up today. try this re-run for both)

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Stan said...

No wonder I did not get to see much of you while in LA, you were in your den blogging! After a long, rough drive, and the lonliness of my recliner, the time is just begging for a nap - it is alos my meditation time in preparation for Texas Hold'em tonight. Will comment more later, but just wanted the LA clans to know that there was a green envelope in my P.O. Box waiting for my return. Can't divulge my numberm, it may be a clue to the treasure. Also, got a email from Nebraska, asking the same question, "What is this green envelope - do I have amtrax or is it something to do with the clans" I know nothing, have no concept but I have pieced together a couple of clues. Have not heard from the Wolf Pack!

Stan said...

P.S. Could it be possible that the patients at the hospital that you just finished plumbing had no medical problems, until they drank water out of that old pipe? That was pretty yucky!

j, d plumma said...

Shoot I should have kept my number secret!

j, d plumma said...

oops that was me... or wasn't it?

Stan said...

The Bear Clan is being very quiet - what is there numbers, I know allthe rest and I think I hgqhave solved the mystery, I will just need to load the data that I have into my excell program and le tthe computer generrate the correct guess. B4+A2 squared B2 - C3.

Stan said...

Still cannot believe the build up in those pipes, mist be somethign similar to build up arteries! I almost forgot, your trivia question. I am surprised someone has not beaten me to the answer. The original Maytag repairman was Jesse White. His replacement was an actor by the nameof Gordon Jump who played in "WKRP In Cincinnatir". there was also a third Maytag man but I do not recall his name but he was in the combined commercials for Maytag and Chevrolet.

Stan said...

So you think that Loni Anderson was a hotty - well I do have to admit that she did have some admirable assets!

j, d plumma said...

I did admire her ass-et, but only part of the answer you give is correct, grounded Eagle. Good to hear you made it back to the nest safely and sorry to have slept past your departure.
Gordon Jump IS correct and Loni Anderson was a doll to me then, but Jesse White seems to be a fictitious
name made up only to pacify the game. I even listed a specific movie as a clue.

by the way - is MY spell-check working?

j, d plumma said...

I don't think my number should have been divulged, either. Aside from my "other" personality I've picked up at work, I don't remember commenting so much here...

Tormen Tagain said...




Welcome back to days. Now, can you please take care of everything all at once and can it be done by yesterday? Would that be ok?

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