Thursday, February 28, 2008

The last straw

The final phase to sanity

I win.

8 opinionated prattle:

prudhoeman said...

So your all done now or are you just an out patient?

Stan said...

Uh, JD Plumma, glad to hear that your stay at the mental hospital has been completed, however, it appears from your picture that a few loose ends needs to be tied up - like conntecting up that one copper pipe that appears not to be connected to anythng and no cap on the end, is that the "pipe" to no where"?

Stan said...

Back to the trivia question posted on your previous posting. My answer was correct in all details and I want the prizes associated with the contest mainly to boost my ego as the "trivia prattler". Jesse White was the "original Maytag Repairman, playing the role in the commercial from 1967 - 1988. He was then replaced by Gordon Jump from 1989 to 2003. However, in which you refer, there was an earlier repairman by the name of Tom Pedi who played Charlie in the commercial. However, where you are getting confused and your question was not factually correct. Tom Pedi was a wash machine repairman, however this commercial was for Dash Laundry Detergent and not Maytag. Maytag did a take off from that commercial to make the "Maytag Repairman" with Jesse White in 1967. For verification, please refer to the biography page in the "Plumbing Handbook". Don't forget to go back and tie in that one pipe, it is bothering me just hanging out there in mid air!

j, d plumma said...

My apologies to the Prattler for the heckling. The right answer was give the first entered guess. Tom Pedi, before the MAYTAG Repairman, was Charlie - a washing machine repairman in commercials for Dash Laundry Detergent. Although this idea spurred the Maytag commercial idea(s), Jesse White WAS the first.
The updated "Plumma's Handbook" has reprint information regarding this subject.

j, d plumma said...

OK. OK...outpatient, Prudhoeman. Do you know me, or what?

Shana said...

uh....there seems to be a missing segment here...did you become a patient while you were there??
We are not that old yet...oh maybe it is the three pubescent girls...either way...hope the water that spurts from that pipe lands in a well placed potted plant....problem fixed!

Stan said...

SLHTDB: ah, you to noticed the "pipe to no where" but did you also notice how JD Plumma so expertly dodged our concern and failed to respond to our comments, perhaps in his condition he did not realize it until we pointed it out in his pictures, I bet he sneaks back into the hospital tonight and connects it to whatever it is suppose to connect to, then he will try to convice us that the pipe was there all the time and he just happend to crop it to close when he developed his photos. He is sneaky!

Shana said...

looks like you were right dad...he snuck back and capped that pipe.!!!

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