Thursday, January 17, 2008

So much for the UANT....

When planning on working nights, I set myself up to
run the "night winds" by staying up late as I can and
sleeping in. This process usually starts the preceding
day/night the shift begins. As my schedule has changed
due to unplanned jobs, I worked until 11 last night and
began work at 0730 this morning. At this point, I'm
thinking that my training has back-fired on me because
of uncontrollable circumstances. The night job is in
wait mode until other "Mickey Mouse" projects
are taken care of. My only hope is that no other
chores conflict with it when I actually HAVE to get
it done. Day-to-night and night-to-day changes in
mid-week play marbles with my thoughts and
motivation and the "voices" seem to argue more
often than not. Am I really awake? What time is it?
seem to be the most common questions I have asked
myself today. To top it off, the 7-unit apt. building
I winterized in Mt. View had more cat s@#~ and
live mice than I have seen in a decade. One of the
mice was BEGGING from me and refused to get
out of the kitchen sink. I think he was scared of
what was on the floor.....
I threw ALL of my clothes in the washer upon
arrival at home and showered. Still, kinda, smell
that musty, rotting, rodent-laden, cat pissy
place I played all day in...
the kind of smell that would make an unwashed,
homeless bum say, "What the h-e-double hockey
sticks IS that atrocious, offensive odor!?!",
right before they puke. Had a visit from APD just
before I left there and learned that the police academy
plans to use the shambled structure for some
explosives and night-vision training before the city
levels it. Good use for the place. I gave him a tour of
what I knew of the place and warned him not to
"give a mouse a cookie"....

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

It begs to be asked! What are you plumbing in the building if it is going to be blown apart as a training building or are you salvaging copper? You moon lighting? Sounds like strange schedule to me, one to ruin any type of set routine schedule. I understand that greeters at Walmart work normal, steady hours and primarily during the hours that are suppose to be day light, except in the winter.

j, d plumma said...

just winterizing the pipes (mostly galvanized steel). One could spend 3 days ripping out all the copper parts for, maybe, a hundred dollars. just as well level it.
Also stepping back from the walmart position to save it for our retired military personnel - they're waiting for you, Stan...

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