Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not Necessarily a Trophy Cat

As far as aquarium victims go,
I remember owning ;
a needle-nose gar, a clown knife, firemouth,
electric blue, flying foxes(2), 3 or 4 plecos,
2 angelfish, red-tail shark, numerous gouramis,
many pictus catfish (3"), yellow lab cichlid,
many shrimp, and countless earthworms,
danios, goldfish, minnows, and guppies
that all helped to build a body like this
in just under eight years time -

Stanley the catfish:
6/2000 - 1/2008
His eulogy

By measurement, the great cat measured 11 1/4 "
in length from nose to tail fork, approximately
4" in girth, and I would have to guess a weight of
around 1 lb (not having a proper scale). The
numbers really don't matter when you don't
plan to eat it or enter it in world record
standings. I paid $4 for him when he was
about 2" in length. He was very polite at a
young age, but hung out with a rough crowd.
His murderous, appalling ways most likely
brought him to be the large size he became
and his demeanor kept him feared and alone.
Although he had various "pets" (list),
a lot of aggressive fish met their match when
hunted by the ruler with no conscience.
A catfish we fostered that was half again
his size was, once, a nice fish. He lived
with Stanley for about
2 weeks before he was adopted by a
caring family. He has turned cold and mean
since the foster care at my place, and now,
kills and eats other fish!
My catfish was such a jerk!

I miss him.

On a bright note, this post is my 365th since starting
this blog. That would be 1 post per day to view for an
entire year! If you combine all the seriousness posted
on Whoof Arted entirely, you could skim it in 2 minutes.

If you have had issues with commenting as anonymous,
I have verified my settings and am assured that:
"Your blog is open to all readers by default."
I hope any issue has been resolved so no
problem exists in that area. Only then
do you have the right AND means to
tell me to shut my pie hole.

8 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

That is really sad news, Stanley is gone but is he really. No doubt, a predessor will soon take his place, but Stanley has set the bar so high that no other "cat" can replace him. His age, his size and his personality will always be compared to others that attmept to take his place in the aquarium and heart. Stanley was just not a fish, he was the dominator of his relm. Having a name like "Stanley" he had to demonstrate his dominance, if not the other fish would make fun of his name, no one messed with Stanley. I would suggest that whom ever takes his place they be named "Ralph", that will really force them to develop his personaility and dominant force to contend with. I do hope that a suitiable memorial will be established for "Stanley", may I suggest a nice small headstone firmly enbedded in the gravel of his domain, simply saying:
2000 - 2008

Heidi said...

We are all morning the loss, poor John, yesterday, when he found Stanley sick, could only repeat "He's not doing well." over and over... I thought I heard a tear in his voice.

Stanley we love you!

Heidi said...

Okay maybe I don't LOVE the fish, but I will miss him.

Stan said...

Damm, there for a minute I thought you were talking to me.

real eyez said...

Goodbye Stanley!

Stan said...

I know this is a site for mourning, but I saw on the "local" news tonight that the police are going to have a training session on a house in the Mtn View area starting tomorrow. Could this be the same house the contains your new found, fuzzy freind "mouse" that you blogged about several days ago?

Stan said...

Alert! A picture of "Stanley" is posted on Ranger Bill's site - he finally made a fresh posting!

Stan said...

Morning Plumma - you working days now? If not good night, I won't be by for coffee but you enjoy it just the same.

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